A super clean design but slick in my hands

Cases have always been something I enjoy testing. This is because each company has to try to define their brand by making their product better and more eye-catching than the competition. I have always found myself turning to certain brands where I know the quality is going to be consistent and typically better than other brands. The issue I have found most with the companies I trust is that even though they have a good idea of what makes a great case, everyone’s opinion is different. Because of that, one person may think a case is a winner, but it’s not a great fit for another person. Needless to say, UAG has a fantastic reputation for making great cases and the Anchor Series case for the iPhone 12 Pro is no exception.


The Anchor Series case from UAG is designed to be feather-light. It features a soft-impact core to protect the phone against impact and accidental drops. The case does meet military drop-test standards (MIL-STD 810G 516.6) and it has a raised camera bevel and protective screen surround to keep both areas safe from scratches. The case is compatible with wireless charging and Apple Pay. The case measures 6.1 x 3.1 x 0.48 inches (for the iPhone 12 Pro) and it only weighs 1.76 ounces. The case is available in four colors – light grey, black, aubergine, and dusty rose.


If I didn’t know this case was grey, I would have thought it was white or clear with a quick glance at the box. It’s white with an image that really blends into the box. This makes it a bit harder to see what you’re getting. If you are buying this online you have a better option to see what your color choice is but if you are walking along in a big box store and see this on the shelf it might get passed over and that is a shame since it’s a great phone case.

Unboxing the case is super simple and the side of the box has a cloth pull tab that allows you to pull the box out with the case inside. There is nothing else is inside of the box but the box does have some good details printed on the back. If someone were to pick up the case, there would be no confusion about what the product was and what it offered given the descriptive text on the box.

Installation of the phone into the case is a little on the difficult side. I usually push the section of the phone that has the volume buttons and the mute switch into the case first. After that, the user can press the phone into the remainder of the case with ease. This case, however, is a little trickier. I found the easiest way to get the phone into the case is to press the top of the phone into the top of the case then work the case around the rest of the phone. I had more difficulty inserting the phone into this case than I have with defender-style cases. Removing the phone was another story. It’s actually very easy to remove the case and if you press gently around the camera lens area, the phone will pop right out.

Once you have the case on the phone, it feels really great in the hand. Because it’s lightweight and slim in design, the case feels like a natural extension of the phone. I think it fits the iPhone 12 Pro really well I love the small lip that surrounds the screen. Even though the iPhone’s screen is reinforced, it’s nice to have that added element of protection. I also love the way this case looks. It’s got a smooth, sleek design to it that just seems to fit the iPhone 12 Pro perfectly.


I feel this is a wonderful case to help protect your iPhone 12 Pro. I love the drop protection, the cutouts are on-point, and the buttons are very easy to press. What I don’t care for so much is the slick body of the case. I have been noticing it’s great for sliding in and out of my pockets but as for keeping my hands on it, the phone has been more slippery for me than when it’s caseless. UAG priced this case very well and with its many features, it’s hard not to think this is a good buy.

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