Type Them All gives classic word games a new twist on the iPhone.

I am a fan of word games. I’ve been a student of Scrabble, Boggle and even just simple word finds. I enjoy playing iOS word games across social networks and with friends and family, but sometimes, I just like single player games, too.

TypeThemAll-1Type Them All: The Word Game is a new innovative word game from GekkoLab. Type Them All has the look of a word find, but with the twist of different gaming modes to play through.

Campaign mode challenges players with levels that increase in difficulty as your progress. Time Attack encourages players to beat the clock and create as many words as possible within a limited time. And, Infinite mode allows players to sit back and relax as they continue to create words with out limitations. The goal is simply to help players build their personal word database.

Like many other games, Type Them All attempts to challenge players with letter, word and time limitations, but there are hints to assist you along the way. In addition to hints, there are time-bombs and the ability to shuffle letters when needed. You also receive bonus coins, which you can exchange for more game assists.

TypeThemAll-2Type Them All is a refreshing change to other mobile word games. It’s fun and while it’s a nice way to pass the time, I don’t feel as though I can’t quit when I need to. The music track is nice and light. It matches the mood of the game very nicely. One thing that took me some time to get used to was the gaming method. Most word games I’ve encountered require the player to just connect the letters by moving your finger around the screen. Type Them All has players tap each letter. This method slowed me down a little bit, but I believe it will become second-nature once I play the game more.

Type Them All is very enjoyable for the mobile word gaming beginner or pro. It’s got an interesting twist to the classic word gaming format and it’s all about vocabulary.

Type Them All: The Word Game is available for free to download from the iTunes App Store. There are in-app purchases that unlock levels and add bonus coins to your bank. If you like word games, give Type Them All a try.