Flipstick is a great portable power solution for emergency needs.

Everyone has different ways of spending their time. Some people work in an office while others work from home. Today, my job took me to a golf course. I was in the middle of nowhere on the back nine of an 18-hole course when I noticed my iPhone 7 was dangerously low on juice. This event was a carefully coordinated fundraiser for my organization and it was very important to have communications between all the people working across the course. I became slightly panicked until I remembered that I had an extra battery with me — the TYLT Flipstick Portable Power Pack.

TYLT Flipstick Portable Power Pack REVIEW

The Flipstick from TYLT is just want its full name suggests — a powerful portable battery for all your charging needs. The device is a 3,350 mAh power bank with built-in cables. It’s about the size of a small flashlight — the kind you would keep in your car for emergencies — and it has a soft silicone feel. Because the battery pack is designed to work with a smartphone, it has a 1A input/output. Does that mean you can’t charge your tablet? No, but it does mean that it will take a lot longer than it will take a smartphone to charge.

TYLT Flipstick Portable Power Pack REVIEW

As I mentioned above, the Flipstick comes with built-in cables and that’s what makes it unique. There are other power banks in the market that have built-in cables, but not many have a built-in cable for both charging and re-charging the battery. The Flipstick has both. You have a choice between a Lightning, Micro USB, or a USB-C cable for charging your devices. The Micro USB version is $30 while the other two types are $40 each. The cable arm gently folds into the body of the Flipstick and you can easily pull it out. What’s really nice about this design is that the cable arm — both in the output cable and the input cable — is really flexible. It makes it easy to charge your device and recharge the Flipstick no matter where you are.

Another really great feature of the Flipstick is the strong connection of the USB-A input cable to the body of the Flipstick. It was designed to be strong so that users could attach the Flipstick to a bag for easy access to it. I’m not entirely sure what holds the cable in the port to tightly, but it is held in very well and has not disconnected without me pulling it from the storage port.

TYLT Flipstick Portable Power Pack REVIEW

The Flipstick has been a huge lifesaver for me not only today when I desperately needed a power boost for my phone, but in several other instances when I couldn’t be without my phone. It’s a really great portable power solution.

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