TYLT ENERGI Sliding Power Case provides users with additional time with their phone.

My iPhone is the one device I have with me from the moment I wake up until my head meets the pillow at night. With that in mind, battery life is of vital importance to me with my phone. I currently have an iPhone 6s Plus and as far as iPhones go, it’s got the best battery life rating out of the entire product line (up to 24 hours talk time/16 days standby time). I am a pretty heavy user of the iPhone especially on the data side of things, so having a secondary battery available in the form of a case is a great option for me. I have been given the opportunity to review the ENERGI Sliding Case from TYLT and I knew it wasn’t something I should pass up.

TYLT ENERGI Sliding Power Case Review 2

For quite some time now, I’ve been impressed with TYLT’s products. They have a unique design for their functions and the product designers really take the user to heart when they create new products. The ENERGI Sliding Case is one of those products. It’s an external battery case with a twist. The battery slides away from a protective sleeve that stays on the phone to help keep your iPhone from getting damaged. That battery sleeve provides a 3500mAh battery, which provides one and a half charges for your iPhone 6s Plus, which has a battery capacity of 2750mAh.

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I must admit that this battery case is a little out of my comfort zone. I’m not one of those users who typically uses a case on my phone. That being said, when I do use a case, I want it to have an additional purpose – not just protection. My issue with battery cases has always been how bulky they end up making the phone. TYLT’s designers came up with this unique sliding case as a solution to that problem. The inner case is slim and wraps around the phone like a glove. It has a raised Bezel that helps to protect your screen from accidental drops or scratches. The inner case has a soft silicone feel to it, which helps when you are holding the phone in your hand. You don’t feel as though it will slip right out of your hand.

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When I was first examining the design of the case, I was a bit concerned about the sliding function of it as thought that it might not provide a strong enough connection to keep the phone inside the battery pack. I am happy to say that my fears were assuaged and it is a very strong connection between the two cases.

The Sliding Power Case has a Lightning port that your phone slides onto for charging. To start charging, you simply tap the button on the back of the battery case and power is sent to your phone. There are four LED lights on that button that indicate the power level of the battery. I would recommend that you use the case’s power up first rather than using it to recharge your phone.

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TYLT’s Sliding Power Case has been a welcome addition to my iPhone’s accessories. It gives you a chance to charge your phone in style. Because of its design, you can carry your phone and battery separately and when it’s time to power up, you can just slide your battery pack on for more time with your phone. It fits the iPhone 6s Plus beautifully and is a must-have for any iPhone user.

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