“The ENERGI PRO Power Backpack is the only bag that can provide a full charge to your phone, tablet and your USB-C laptop, with the included 20,100 mAh battery.”

I have become addicted to tech and more specifically to tech that fulfills multiple needs. Having completed my primary education and 10+ years of secondary education, I have depended upon a lot of gear.  One common theme/trend has been a backpack.  I do not remember any of them specifically, but I remember the annual search and excitement of finding that special bag.  It may seem easy to think of your bag solely as a book carrier, but modern bags can be so very much more.  Touring CES, in Las Vegas Nevada, during the 2016 and 2017 seasons, I had the pleasure of seeing a variety of power bags.  This concept is perfect for the modern student, the techie, and the business traveller.  Like any of our gear, each piece of tech has benefits and drawbacks.  I want a bag that merges form with function and considers comfort as much as appearance.  The Tylt Energi Pro Power Backpack is a very strong contender for best in class.

Tylt Front and water bottle holder

The Tylt Energi Pro Power Backpack is an upgrade to the previous Tylt Energi bag.  It is made of 600 denier gray Polyester, lined with softer 210 denier fabric, contains stainless steel zippers and weighs 4.5 lb, with the included 20,100 mAh battery.  If you are like me, you are not versed in textile jargon.  I thus had to look up what 600d vs 210d actually meant.  According to Backcountryedge.com, the denier is a unit of measurement that is equivalent to 1 gram of mass per nine kilometers (9000 meters) of strand length.  For reference, a single strand of silk is equivalent to 1 denier.  The higher the denier rating the heavier duty the fabric and the lower the denier rating the softer/plushier the fabric.  With the external water resistance and the included twelve internal pockets, the biggest problem becomes remembering where you put all your things.

The backpack measures 17.5 inches tall by 14 inches wide by 9 inches deep.  Looking at the front of the bag you will notice the embroidered TYLT logo towards the upper right.  Along the bottom left (front) of the bag is a 7 inch zipper containing a trapezoidal compartment 6.5″ wide along the top and 7″ wide along the bottom by 12″ tall.  Behind this compartment is another, measuring 6″ tall by 7.5″ wide.  I like that this section is closed with magnetic closure, for quick access.  This is not secure, but is very easily/readily accessible.  Behind these 2 compartments, you will find a section that is ringed by 33 inches of stainless steel zipper, with double zipper pulls.  Opening the zipper will allow you to access a cavern of a pocket.  This chamber is roughly 11″ wide by 10″ tall by 8″ deep. Here, you will find the bonus accessory bag, which has been provided to manage all the tech extras.  Within the included tech manual, you will note that this is the main compartment of the bag and fulfills the administrative function of the bag.  Along the front flap is a 7.25″ wide by 5″ tall white mesh bag with a 7.5″ zipper.  Just under this is another admin pouch, which is an 8″ wide by 5.5″ deep pocket with a 7.75″ zipper.  On the outside of this are two smaller pockets.  First you will note a black 1.25″ wide by 1.75″ tall pocket, which should fit a small MP3 player or a voice recorder very nicely.  Second, you will find a 3″ wide by 3.25″ deep pocket, which would fulfill the same role as the smaller pocket.

Tylt Main Compartment

Progressing deeper into the main compartment there are a few more admin pouches to discuss.  Towards the right of the bag are two pockets a 4″ tall front pocket and 5″ tall back pocket.  Each of these pockets are 1.5″ wide.  These pockets seem perfect for a stylus, a retractable pen etc.  At the very back are #2 black mesh pockets 5.75″ wide by 7″ tall.  If you are not careful, you will miss the hidden 11.5″ zipper that closes the 8.5″ deep by 11″ wide compartment, above the mesh pockets.  Along the left is a key keeper fabric loop.  This entire administrative chamber is lined along the base with some protective padding.  You can likely fit a soft square lunchbox/lunch bag into this compartment.  Along the top of this chamber is the semi-rigid lining for the next set of pockets.  As stated, this compartment also holds the triangular shaped accessory bag.   Each of the sides of the triangle is 5″ and the base is 4″ with a total width of 10.5″.  This little bag is perfect for extra cables and tech accessories.  The bag has double zippers and is a very welcomed addition to the bag.

Closing up the main compartment, you will notice a 6.5″ zipper just directly to the right side of the bag.  The zipper moves superior/inferiorly and is forward facing on the bag.  This hidden pocket may be one of my favorite of the bag.  Looking at the bag from the outside, there is no water bottle holder.  However, if you unzip this pocket, you will notice a mesh bag with elastic retention along the top.  The bag will hold a standard sized water bottle, but is not large enough for a full-sized Nalgene bottle.  When finished with the water bottle holder, the mesh bag is retractable and you can hide it within the 4″ deep by 6.5″ tall pocket. Behind this (also on the right side of the bag), you will find a grey hidden 4.75″ tall zipper that opens into a 7″ tall by 5.25″ pocket.  I honestly do not yet know the strength of that pocket.  Along the left side of the main bag is a 4.5″ wide by 9″ tall pocket lined by a 10.5″ zipper. To prevent objects from sliding out of this pocket is a wedge of mesh. In the back of this pocket, you will find a charging port. This is one of the pockets that is perfect for charging a smartphone.

Tylt Power management

Moving towards the top of the bag, you will see that there are 3 chambers, not including the other main pocket, the laptop pocket. The foremost pocket is lined by 11.5″ of zipper and opens into a dual pocket chamber.  The front section is perfect for just about any size sunglasses or reading glasses, etc.  The chamber is felt lined and incredibly plush feeling.  At 8″ wide by 3″ deep by 3″ tall, it should fit a pair of glasses inside of a case.  The lining is soft enough that you probably do not need any case.  It is semi-rigid and padded and should protect the glasses very well.  Behind the sunglasses section, is an amazing little pocket for a smartphone.  The area is 8″ wide by 3″ tall by 1.5″ deep.  It will easily fit an iPhone 7 plus, inside of an Otterbox Defender case.  At the back of this chamber is a charging port, to allow wiring and charging inside of the pocket.  There is a felt lined divider between the phone section and the sunglasses section.  The next zippered section, is for the traveler.  The pocket is accessed through a 6.75″ zipper and opens into a 5.5″ deep pocket that is lined by RFID blocking plastic.  This is perfect for a passport, wallet, etc.  The idea, if you are traveling, your data cannot be skimmed.  The only complaint of this pocket is I wish that there was a locking zipper or a loop to lock the compartment closed with a small master lock.  The chamber is thin but will expand some, if needed.

Behind the RFID blocking chamber, you will find a pocket that is accessible through a 16″ zipper, with a single pull.  This opens along the entire top of the bag and down roughly half of the right side.  This chamber is lined with the same plush material of the glasses/phone.  It is 9.5″ wide by 11.5″ tall. It will fit an iPad Mini 4 or an iPad Air 2.  The lining is soft enough that you can likely place the device into the pocket without a case.  The soft plush lining should protect the screen from scratching.  Personally, all my devices have cases, but this is a very well built bag.  Along the top of the chamber, you will find the wiring port.  There is also a small elastic loop for cable management.

The last, and certainly not least, of the compartments is lined by nearly 45″ of zipper, with dual pulls. Having double pulls allows you to lock the compartment.  Opening the zippers all the way, you will notice that this goes into the base of the bag a little.  When you open the compartment, it will initially open about 4.5″.  Each of the sides has a section of fabric that is attached with velcro.  The velcro retention fabric, allows the bag to open only to that width without opening into a full clamshell.  This can be enhanced by only zipping the zippers to the retention fabric.  If you open the entire zipper and separate the velcro, the backpack will fully open into a clamshell. The front of the bag has a single mesh pocket 9.25″ wide by 11″ tall.  There are 6 elastic loops for cable management and a power port along the top.  The back section of the bag has a laptop holder, which will support a 15″ laptop.  The pocket is felt lined and measures 11.5″ wide by 13.75″ tall by 1.5″ deep.  There is a velcro retention strap across the top of this section.

This bag is full of surprises and accessory features.  The carry handle across the top is very secure, and robust.  It is secured along the edges for added support.  The shoulder straps are 3 Inches wide and have top of shoulder padded support wedges with wicking material.  This allows the shoulder to be padded for extra support.  There is a moveable chest retention strap, which can be adjusted to your physique, along a track.  The extra lashing has built in velcro cord wraps, to eliminate strap dangling.  The back of the bag is padded with 1/2 inch padding and moisture wicking material.  There are sections padding not he shoulder straps, on the back, lumbar spine and along the thoracic spine.  Essentially any area that will contact your back, will have some added protection.  You will notice another Blue Embroidered TYLT along the left shoulder strap and one last hidden compartment in the left shoulder strap.  This could be a nice earbud holder or perhaps a change holder.

This bag has numerous compartments, and you will likely need a map to find all of the treasure hidden inside. The pockets are lined, are well built and the stitching not his bag is immaculate.  The carry handle is secure, the shoulder straps are some of the most comfortable straps that I have ever used.  Additionally, the moisture wicking/breathing padding is a much appreciated addition.  The chest retention strap is a much needed feature, yet I almost feel that there needs to be an abdominal strap as well.  The entire bag has a semi-rigid feel to it and will not compress upon itself.  I am thankful for the cable management, with routing channels into all 11 different pockets, for the extra accessory bag, for the TSA compliant laptop compartment and for all of the features that were added to this bag. The bag alone is amazing, even if it did not come with its own power supply.  The fact that there is yet more to talk about is astounding.

The Battery:

Tylt Battery Accessory

Most sources agree that you can assume roughly an 80% energy efficiency in a battery.  The included 20,100 mAh battery can be expected to provide 16080 mAh of useable energy.  I typically carry an iPhone 7 plus, Gen 1 42mm Apple Watch, iPad Air 2 and MacBook Pro 15″ (6500 mAH) with me while traveling.  To see how much battery capacity your MacBook has, press the following key sequence (cmd+space, type system information, and then find Power).  This will give you current power, max power, etc.  Again assuming 6500 mAh for my MacBook, 2900 mAh for iPhone 7 plus, 7340 mAh for my iPad Air 2 and 250 mAh for the 42 mm Gen 1 Apple Watch, I would need 16,990 mAh of power.  Alas, this battery will not charge my MacBook Pro as I need a MagSafe charger to do so.  I do have a Battery Box, that has the ability to charge my MacBook and can run the wiring through the bag. However, if you have a modern generation MacBook, you can charge the device through USB C connection.

The battery is listed as taking up to 6-7 hours to charge, using either input 1 (USB micro 2 A) or input 2 (USB-C 3A).  It is important to note that you can actually charge the battery with dual input using both USB micro and USB C.  This is known as dual fuel technology.  It is recommended to use 2A chargers for each port for faster charging.  The battery has an included LED bank, detailing 25,50,75 and 100% power.  The battery has 3 outputs: USB 1 and 2 are USB A type outputs.  Output #1 is a USB-A QC 3.0 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A and output #2 is a USB-A 5V/2.4A output.  Output 3 is USB-C and provides 5V/3A, 9V/3A 15V 3A and 20V 2.25A.  Included with the accessory kit are #2 Micro-USB charging cables, 3.3 feet and 6 Feet and a single USB-C charging cable at 3.3feet.  I really appreciate that these were included in the price of the bag.  It would not be uncommon to have to buy the charging kit separate from the bag.  Even more amazingly, you can use all 3 ports of the battery to charge simultaneously.  They included an amazing battery instead of a passable battery.

Tylt Battery

The Energi battery has intelligent charging and will not be harmed by leaving it on overnight to charge.  You can awaken the next morning to a fully charged backup battery. If you require more power, you can add more batteries to your bag, multiple in fact.  Ultimately, you can add a battery for every compartment, if desired.  With some creative cable management, this bag can adapt to your need.  The specs of the battery proved to be accurate, using the DROK USB tester.  The size of this battery is amazing and the weight to charge ratio is equally  impressive.  Weighing 13.23 oz, just under a pound, and measuring 6.5″ x 3.25″ x .9″, this battery itself is worth a 5/5.

Tylt really has a winner in this backpack.   I love that the bag has integrated wiring pockets, to allow you to customize the loadout.  The included battery has enough power capacity and output to charge three devices at once.  If this is not enough, or if you use the battery fully, you can exchange the battery for another.  As a lover of organization, the included triangular accessory bag is yet another gift that Tylt provides with the bag.  You can organize and carry extra cords/cables/battery packs.  I find it convenient that you can carry an iPad/tablet, 15″ Macbook/laptop, phone, keys, cords/cables, books and have an area to store your wallet that is RFID protected.  The bag successfully merges function with comfort.  The shoulder straps are designed to reduce fatigue and succeed.  The chest strap is one of those features that you do not notice until it was not there.  This is a successful bag and definitely eared the 5/5 rating.

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