TYLT ENERGI Charging Station perfect for all your family’s charging needs.

I’ve got a problem. Yes, I’m a collector of batteries. I admit it. I have a power issue that I can’t seem to shake. The problem for me isn’t that I have so many batteries, it’s that I forget to charge them. Why do I forget? Well, for the most part it’s just a pain to find an extra open outlet or cable to plug them up. I put them away and forget about charging until the night before I know that I might need one. Sometimes this works out great, but sometimes, when you really need to grab n’ go, not so much. Because of this, having a dedicated home for a portable battery is a very smart idea. This is what TYLT has done with their ENERGI Charging Station.

TYLT ENERGI Charging Station Review Perfect For Your Home

The ENERGI Charging Station is a remarkable device. TYLT won its fifth consecutive CES Innovation Award with this outstanding product.They designed a wonderful USB hub to charge your family’s device and included a pretty cool pop out battery that makes for forgetting to charge a thing of the past. The charging station can charge up to five devices at one time and utilizes SmartDetect ports to ensure that your devices receive the maximum power that they need while charging at the maximum rate they can handle. For example, an iPad charges at 12W with a 2.4A current and an iPhone charges at 5W with a 1A current. Both devices can charge simultaneously and receive the adequate and appropriate charge.

The removable battery is a 3200 mAh battery pack. To use it, you simply pop it out of the charger, and take it with you. It’s really a wonderful feature of this charging station because you always have a battery charged and ready to go. And, it’s small enough to slide into your pocket while your phone is plugged into it. The battery pack is a 1A port while the others are all rapid charging 2.4A USB ports.

TYLT ENERGI Charging Station Review Perfect For Your Home

One of the tests I put the battery pack through was a fairly simple one. One day, I found myself with very little battery left on my phone. I was getting ready to leave the house and saw a dreaded 5% in the upper right-hand corner of my phone’s screen. I fumbled for a moment or two trying to remember which batteries were charged and small enough to fit in my pocket. Then I reached for the ENERGI Charging Station’s battery pack. I grabbed a short Lightning cable, plugged my phone into it, and dropped the pair into my pocket before I left the house. During the commute to my destination – approximately 15 minutes – my phone had gained a stout 15% battery life. I decided to leave it plugged in for a while longer and before I got home, my phone was at approximately 48%. I did find that the battery got a little warm, but not hot to the touch.

Another great feature of this device is cable management. While this might not be a big topic for some, for me and my HATRED for wires, it’s a huge deal. TYLT has designed the ENERGI Charging Station with an integrated wire management system, this allows you to run your longer cables through and around it to help keep the slack under control. It’s really nice to be able to charge what I want and not have to worry about the cables being strewn about.

TYLT ENERGI Charging Station Review Perfect For Your Home

I keep our ENERGI Charging Station in the living room right under the TV. It’s the perfect centralized location for our family’s charging needs. I can see the USB ports and the glowing lights of the battery. I can use it to charge up my iPhone, iPad, gaming controllers, headsets, Apple TV remotes, or anything that powers by USB. And, each time I leave the house, I can pop out the portable battery from the dock with the press of a button and keep a bit of power on me when I’m out and about.

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