A great option for charging on the go.

TYLT ENERGI 6K+ Smart Charger Review 2One of my favorite gadgets these days is the rechargeable battery pack. I love having the connivence of extra power right there in my pocket, purse, or laptop bag. When you take the battery pack and combine it with a plug so that it’s even more minimalistic, I’m sold! TYLT has a couple of great product like this. One is the ENERGI 2K Smart Charger, which still requires that you provide your own charging cable and the other is the ENERGI 6K+ Smart Charger that comes equipped with a built-in Lightning cable.

The TYLT ENERGI 6K Smart Charger is a slick, compact battery that is a great option for any traveler. It’s not only a battery, but it’s also a wall charger. As I mentioned above, there is a built-in plug that allows you to use any standard power outlet to charge either the battery or your devices. That plug folds away for easy travel and storage. Besides the Lightning cable extension on the ENERGI 6K+, there is also a standard USB port for rapid charging of any of your devices. The great thing about this is that ENERGI 6K+ will simultaneously charge two of your devices. I tested out this feature by plugging the Lightning cable into my iPad Air 2 and a Micro USB cable into the USB port. Both devices began charging at one time.

TYLT ENERGI 6K+ Smart Charger Review 3This option is actually something that can come in quite handy. Let’s say that you’re a business person who enjoys a lengthy commute on a daily basis. Maybe you conduct a lot of business on your phone or accept phone calls while you travel. You can quickly drain your battery on both your iPhone and Bluetooth headset. If you pull out your TYLT ENERGI 6K+ Smart Charger, you can charge both your devices and be able to continue your normal daily life with minimal interruption.

One thing I haven’t really mentioned yet is the battery capacity. You might be able to guess from the device’s name ENERGI 6K+ that the battery is a 6,000 mAh battery. This is more than enough to charge up your iPhone, or other mobile phone, and even your tablet part of the way. The charging circuit is 2.4 Amp so it’s strong enough to handle the two devices simultaneously and pushes out enough power for a tablet like the iPad Air 2. The really nice thing about this charger is that it’s ‘smart.’ That means it will push current out to devices as the device needs it. So, it’s not going to try and charge an iPhone like it’s a tablet and vice versa.

As for performance, I found that the ENERGI 6K+ charged my iPad Air 2 from 74% battery up to a full 100% within about 2 hours. A 24% gain in battery charge in 2 hours, is pretty quick for my iPad.

TYLT ENERGI 6K+ Smart Charger Review 4One small quirk that the ENERGI 6K+ has is that it gets warm while charging. Some batteries experience this no matter how it’s constructed, but it was warm enough after charging for a few hours that I felt I should mention it.

All in all, the ENERGI 6K+ is a great option for battery charger and travel wall charger for your all your devices’ power needs. I love how it incorporates the Lightning cable as a part of its design and how it distributes power as needed and doesn’t over charge. It’s available in two colors – blue and grey.

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