Discover new music with Twitter #music.

Last week, Twitter released Twitter #music to enhance its users’ social sharing experience. The main purpose of this app is to allow Twitter users to discover new music based off of what is shared by other Twitter users.

Twitter bills Twitter #music as a “music discovery app” and even though you can listen to full tracks of music by connecting through Spotify or Rdio, the primary method of ‘discovery’ is iTunes previews.

twittermusic-screenshotI’ll admit, even though I consider myself social media savvy, Twitter #music for iOS confused me a little. I understand its purpose and how to use it, but wasn’t quite sure how it works. The app is broken into four distinct categories – Popular, #NowPlaying, Emerging and Suggested. The categories themselves are easily comprehended. But, I bring you back to “how” does it work.

  • Popular shows you what music is currently trending across Twitter.
  • #NowPlaying shows you what music is being tweeted by people you follow specifically.
  • Emerging displays new and emerging artists.
  • Suggested shows you what music you might like based off of the artists you currently follow.

It’s a little bit of a mystery of how Emerging artists are chosen as the description from Twitter states, “hidden talent found in the Tweets.” In addition to these categories, the app also gives you a version of your Twitter profile that includes the artists you follow personally.

My first impressions of the app were good. The layout is fabulous, the interface is creative and the idea solid. I have two favorite design elements of Twitter #music.

  1. The turntable animation – When a user selects a music preview, the play button turns into a turntable while the preview is playing.
  2. The refresh animation – When a user pulls down a page to refresh it, a barrage of dots appears while the list refreshes.

The app is well-designed, but I am left wondering if this is an app that is really needed. There are a lot of music-driven apps in the marketplace and I wonder why the developers built this as a separate app.

Twitter #music is currently on version 1.0.3 and is free to download from iTunes.