A journey of patterns and artistic movements through puzzling tiles.

One of my biggest complaints about games on iOS is that they are subscription-based and users have to continually pay for the right to use them ad-free. I love puzzle games. They are a guilty pleasure of mine and in times of stress, they can help me sort out my thoughts and think just a bit more clearly. So, when I come across a puzzle game for my mobile device that requires a subscription, that does the opposite of relieving my stress. Fortunately, this review is not about one of those game types.

Twisty Tiles iOS Game REVIEW

Twisty Tiles is a game of puzzling art. In it, Puzzle tiles twist and turn to create beautiful artwork on your mobile screen. There are no time limits. There is no score keeping. It’s just a simple game with tiles that you flip and turn in order to form a picture. Twisty Tiles is $1.99 to purchase from the app store and when you buy it, that’s it. It’s a one-time fee to unlock all the puzzles, levels, and unlimited hints for each puzzle. The game has 77 levels that are divided into 10 themed series. It’s easy to start and designed to be intuitive to learn. You can revisit levels after you complete them and you unlock new levels as you solve puzzles.

Twisty Tiles iOS Game REVIEW

When I first opened this app, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a puzzle game that expects the user to understand how it works. There are no instructions — no quick start guide — no language at all. This continues throughout the entirety of the game. When you start Twisty Tiles, the first screen you see is the first level. When you tap the tiles, they turn in a clockwise motion until you are satisfied that they are in the right place. You don’t get to see the puzzle in a completed state before starting either. There is a soundtrack of sorts, but nothing that is very pronounced. There are subtle sounds and ethereal musical tones that move through the levels with you. Both the music and sound effects can be turned off.

Twisty Tiles iOS Game REVIEW

I found Twisty Tiles to be a relaxing, stress-relieving puzzle game. I played through several levels and just let the world melt away. It can be addictive, but I wouldn’t put it in the same class as matching games like Candy Crush. It’s an easy game to learn and the cost is minimal. If you like puzzle games, give it a try.

DOWNLOAD – Twisty Tiles – $1.99

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