Adapter makes it possible for AirPods Max users to connect to wired devices.

The brand new Apple AirPods Max headphones are a revolutionary product release that has been heavily anticipated. While these headphones primarily connect through Bluetooth, the headphones do charge using a Lightning connector. This means, that if you want to connect to a standard wired speaker or other interfaces, you need a special Lightning to 3.5mm stereo cable. While that audio cable ($35) is available upon checkout with the AirPods Max, users have another option. The AirFly Pro from Twelve South ($55) is also available.

This tiny adapter makes it possible for wireless headphones to connect to wired connections without stringing a cable along. The adapter has a wireless transmitter/receiver built into it so that you connect to it the same way you would other Bluetooth connections. With the AirFly Pro users can wirelessly connect wherever you go instead of having a cable, plus stream TWO headphones no matter what you’re connected to.

The AirFly Pro is available in Apple stores, Apple online, Amazon, and Twelve South online now, offering a more modern, upgraded functionality for consumers purchasing AirPods Max.

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