Inspiration, right under your nose.

Today, Twelve South announced the release of the second generation Mac Candle. Last year they made a candle that smelled like a new Mac.  It was a popular product and this year they are introducing us to the scent of thought with Inspire [mac candle N°2]. According to their website, Inspire smells like a new idea.

With every whiff of our Inspire [mac candle N°2], you’ll find strong notes of bergamot, lemon, and tarragon – scent profiles that clear your mind of clutter and stimulate creativity. Steve Jobs once described the Mac as the ‘bicycle for our minds’. With refreshed clarity (and a fast Mac), maybe your best work can come to light burning the new Inspire [mac candle N°2].

Our Inspire candle is poured into a custom-designed vessel with a soft white finish. With smooth curves and a dark grey interior, this elegant candle fits seamlessly with any décor. A unique blend of bergamot and armoise, with hints of lemon, tarragon, amber, and musk, create a fresh aroma that will liven up any home or office. Each scent profile was chosen for its ability to help clear your mind of clutter and stimulate creativity.

Twelve South candle

In addition to its classy look and carefully planned scent, the Inspire candle also gives back through FIRST, a charity whose innovative programs motivate young people to pursue education and career opportunities in STEM-related fields. Sales of the candle will help Twelve South provide a gift to FIRST.

Inspire [mac candle N°2] is made from 100% soy and will burn approximately 60-70 hours with regular use.

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