RelaxedLeather case redefines luxury protection for the iPhone.

Twelve South has always been one of the top 5 companies that I’m always happy to see come out with new products. They really strive to design products that are both functional and complimentary to Apple products at the same time. When they came out with RelaxedLeather iPhone cases I was super excited and mortified at the same time. That’s a really odd feeling to have and let me explain why I feel that way. To me, a smartphone case can either be spot on or a hassle to deal with. I don’t really feel there is a ‘middle ground’ there. The RelaxedLeather case is definietely a winner. I’m not really one for keeping my phone in a case. With some cases, I think it just distracts you from the natural design of the iPhone. But, Twelve South makes products that exceed all design expectations.

The RelaxedLeather case is made from genuine leather and available in five gorgeous colors – black, cognac, dried herb, marsala, and warm taupe. You also have the choice to get the case with or without pockets. The pockets are located on the outside of the case and are really just slots for a couple of cards. I chose to get the case without pockets.

RelaxedLeather iPhone Case

The really beautiful thing about these leather cases is that they age to perfection the more you use them. A patina – the soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather – is a mark of real leather. The material naturally absorbs elements it comes into contact with – the natural body oils that your body produces, water, moisture, conditioner, dirt, dust, sunlight, heat – all of which factor into the leather’s patina. Twelve South wanted to develop a case that would end up being as unique as the individual using it. So, they used genuine leather that would develop its own character.

RelaxedLeather iPhone Case

In addition to the amazing leather that wraps the phone in luxury, there is a very practical use for this case, too — it protects. To protect your phone’s screen, Twelve South, included a raised front edge of 1mm to keep rough elements away from the surface of your screen. The RelaxedLeather cases even went through independent drop testing during development. Personally, I’ve knocked my phone off of a couple of table tops (not much higher than 3-4 feet from the ground) and my phone has remained in working/unbroken condition.

Installing the case is very easy. It’s a bumper style case so it just wraps around the phone and as long as you start with the side of the case that has the volume/mute button on it, you should have any issues with it conforming to your phone. The bottom of the case is open and all the ports and speakers are accessible. I rather prefer this style so that I don’t have any issues with Lightning cables or docking stations not being compatible with my phone.

RelaxedLeather iPhone Case

The RelaxedLeather case is stiff at first but works it’s way into a wonderful groove pretty quickly. After using the Apple Leather iPhone case and a few of the competitors, I had not been overly thrilled with how they felt on the iPhone. That said, I’ve been very happy with the RelaxedLeather case and it has such a good feeling, I haven’t wanted to remove it from my phone. This is rather remarkable considering that I’m one of those people that typically doesn’t enjoy having a case on my phone. I chose the marsala color with no pockets and couldn’t be happier because that deep maroon/wine color really looks great with the black iPhone 7 Plus. I was able to tell how soft the leather was almost immediately because there were some surface scratches that appeared within just a few minutes of having the case on my phone. To me, this isn’t a problem because it just adds character.

RelaxedLeather iPhone Case

The RelaxedLeather iPhone Case is really a gorgeous accessory for the iPhone. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a bit of luxury to add to their phone. It’s available for both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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