MagicBridge is the answer to run away Magic Trackpads.

Typing OCD with the Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 is a real thing, well at least for me it is. I used to constantly find myself adjusting and readjusting my Magic Trackpad and Keyboard. It would drive me absolutely batty. I try my hardest to keep things on my desk organized. I find that clutter clouds my mind and instead of being able to work I’m straightening up my office. The same goes with my Magic Trackpad. When using it I would find that it would start to slip away. Maybe it was trying to escape but having it tilted at an angle and not in line with my keyboard, would cause me to stop what I was doing to re-adjust it. This was such a problem for me that when I found the MagicBridge from Twelve South I knew it was the answer I was looking for.

Twelve South MagicBridge

The MagicBridge is a very simple, but elegantly designed accessory that joins together the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Twelve South actually uses the phrase separated at birth, reconnected by a bridge to describe the piece and I couldn’t agree more. The MagicBridge is made from matte white polycarbonate and is designed to allow for the Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard to snap securely into place. There are soft flat silicone pads on both the inside of the MagicBridge to protect the bottom of your keyboard and trackpad and also on the bottom that keep the combo piece from slipping around or scratching your work surface.

Twelve South MagicBridge

You don’t have to worry about being left or right handed as Twelve South designed the MagicBridge to work for either. There is a grill on the backside of the device that is precision engineered that provides easy access to all the ports on the keyboard and trackpad. This makes it easy to change which side you keep the trackpad on because you always have full access to the Lightning ports on the reverse side.

Not only does the MagicBridge keep my peripherals in line but I can now also use my Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad in my lap as I sit back in my chair. I no longer have to reach up to move the cursor because my Trackpad is on the desk. For those of you who use Apple’s Mac Mini as an entertainment center in your living room, the MagicBridge will be a bonafide life saver for you. It allows you to take both devices from place to place and move them around as one. The MagicBridge is feather light and does not block any Bluetooth signals.

Twelve South MagicBridge

When you pick up the Magic Keyboard and Trackpad 2 from Apple you know the products are going to be super thin and very discrete. I never want to add bulk to my devices so I’m happy that I can say that the MagicBridge adds very little weight or girth to the two devices.

This is just a smartly designed product that fits so many needs when it comes to the Apple Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard. I only wonder how I lived without it for so long.

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