Luxurious leather protection for the iPad Pro.

I’m a purest at heart — especially when it comes to my Apple products. I typically don’t house my iPhone inside a case and I rarely stow my iPad away inside a pouch. I live under the theory that Apple’s mobile products were made to last and that the materials used to make them were designed to hold up to basic wear and tear. That said, when a company like Twelve South — who only makes accessories for Apple products — creates a gorgeous leather companion for the iPad Pro, you take notice.

Twelve South Journal for iPad Pro REVIEW


The Journal for iPad Pro is a folio style case for the iPad Pro that compliments the other products in the ‘Journal’ family. In addition to the iPad Pro, there are also leather Journal cases for MacBook, iPhone, and the storage kit, CaddySack. The Journal is a leather case that wraps its products in luxury. The case includes features such as edge-to-edge screen display and full Smart HDR camera access. The Journal for iPad Pro doubles as a viewing stand and typing/sketching wedge. There is a built-in shell that is designed to hold the iPad Pro securely and provides impact protection. According to Twelve South, some structural elements of the new BookBook vol. 2 for iPad Pro were borrowed for the design of the Journal.

Twelve South Journal for iPad Pro REVIEW

Because it was designed specifically for the iPad Pro, the Journal includes added storage space to accommodate the Apple Pencil and an interior pocket for a compact Bluetooth keyboard or documents. The Journal comes in one color — cognac — and is available for the 11-inch and 12-inch iPad Pros.

SPECS (11-inch)

  • Depth: .75 inches (19.1 mm)
  • Width: 8 inches (203 mm)
  • Length: 10.75 inches (273 mm)
  • Weight: 17.63 ounces (.50 kg)
  • Interior pocket: 10” x 7” x .25”
Twelve South Journal for iPad Pro REVIEW


I have a lot of love for Twelve South. Not only do they make fantastic products, but they were also one of the first products featured on MacSources. So I was thrilled to be able to give my thoughts on the Journal for iPad Pro. Starting with the packaging, Twelve South always does a nice job with their retail look. Most of the container is white with a bright, high-definition image of the product on the front. The Twelve South logo is in a prominent position on the front and the back features additional photos of the Journal in different angles. Some basic details are included in text, but the package was really designed around being able to show off high-quality photos of the product. The package for the Journal is a simple wrap around sleeve and it’s pretty easy to remove the the case from its wrapping.

Twelve South Journal for iPad Pro REVIEW

For me, a big part of the new product experience is not only the look and feel of the product, but also the smell. With the Journal, there was a rich leather smell that is very recognizable to me. I grew up around a horse racing track and the smell of leather from the saddles always hung heavy in the air around the stables. The Journal has a double zipper pull that is set off by leather pulls. The zipper was very smooth to open and I didn’t have any issues with it getting caught on anything.


The inside back cover of the Journal houses the hard protective shell that ends up cradling the iPad. If you fold it out you will find the kickstand on the back of the shell and a soft suede interior. The storage pocket is located opposite the iPad and it too is covered in soft suede fabric. All of these elements showcase the natural beauty and shape of the Journal.

Twelve South Journal for iPad Pro REVIEW

When I first started loading up the Journal with my iPad Pro (11-inch), the Apple Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil, I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t all fit. The pocket for the keyboard case is indeed meant for a ‘compact’ keyboard and Twelve South actually suggests the Logitech Keys to Go keyboard. The Apple Smart Keyboard does fit in the pocket. It’s a tight squeeze, but I was able to slide it into the pocket and still be able to zip the case closed. It’s a little awkward trying to use that keyboard though since it’s designed to wrap around the iPad and not simply attach to it or rest beside it like some mobile keyboards.

Twelve South Journal for iPad Pro REVIEW

The iPad snaps into the hard shell inner case perfectly. I had no trouble installing it or removing it from the shell. It’s not flexible, which makes me feel a little more secure about the iPad’s safety. To me, a hard shell provides adequate impact protection while some softer shell cases don’t. So I was happy to see that kind of ‘fit’ for the iPad Pro with the Journal. The Apple Pencil does indeed fit inside the Journal alongside the iPad. The kickstand provides a gentle angle for typing and sketching and it’s easy to flip out.

Twelve South Journal for iPad Pro REVIEW


While I’m not a huge case person, I really love the design of the Journal for iPad Pro. I can see it working particularly well for individuals who don’t often use a keyboard with their iPad. It’s a professional, classy case that really turns heads. It not only looks great, but it’s functional and that is a big selling point for me.

I’ve also had the pleasure of using the Journal for MacBook and the Journal CaddySack. This iPad Pro case rounds out the Journal family of products very nicely.

Twelve South Journal for iPad Pro REVIEW

Journal for iPad Pro retails for $99.99 for the 11” model and $119.99 for the 12.9” model at the time of this review.

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