A luxury travel case for your Mac accessories

I’m one of those people who like to have things ‘so-so’. I don’t like clutter and I really appreciate a clean, organized bag of gear. As easy as it is to find a bag that will keep larger items in check (like a camera/laptop bag), one area that seems to get woefully neglected is cable storage. Sure, laptop bags and backpacks will give you a smaller pocket to toss those power-giving accessories into, but does it really give you the chance to ‘organize’ it? Twelve South, an accessory company that specializes in accessories for Apple products, saw this as a problem too and has redesigned one of their popular accessories, the CaddySack. In 2017, we reviewed the BookBook CaddySack and now, we are proud to bring you a review of the Journal CaddySack. Coming from Twelve South I would only expect the best and they delivered with the leather Journal CaddySack.

Twelve South Journal CaddySack REVIEW


When the newest line of Apple products was released, Twelve South launched the Journal CaddySack to match the newer items style better than the boxy BookBook did. It has sleeker lines that the BookBook version and it’s contoured to fit the new Mac image. The case is made of rich, full-grain leather from New Zealand. It’s designed to match the Journal style cases for the MacBook and iPhone. The inside tweed lining of the CaddySack has a handsome chevron pattern and built-in elastic bands, Velcro straps, and one pocket to store and organize all your delicate, essential accessories. 


The Journal CaddySack is exactly what this OCD personality needed. First, I love the look of it. It comes in one color — a gorgeous cognac brown leather — and you can tell it exudes class and luxury.  The leather has a great ‘leather’ smell to it. As someone who grew up on a race track, I learned the importance of leather from my grandfather and when I showed this case to my grandmother, she ran her hand over its surface and said, “Oh yeah, this is really nice leather.” She grew up around racehorses and all the leather saddles and gear that comes along with it. So, she knows what ‘good’ leather should be. It actually has a nice soft feel to it whereas the BookBook version of the case is a little rougher. Even though this leather will age well and gain a rich patina, it doesn’t seem to pick up stray scratches much. 

Twelve South Journal CaddySack REVIEW

I did find that aside from the general exterior design and materials, that the interior storage options are very similar to the BookBook version of the CaddySack. There are two larger Velcro loops that will expand for you to be able to store items like the longer USB-C charging cable that comes with the newer MacBook computers and the standard laptop power brick. The opposite side of the kit has three elastic loops that are perfect for adapters or smaller accessories like flash drives. The mesh pocket on the top of that side allows for items as large as the AirPod charging case or as small as SD cards. 

Twelve South Journal CaddySack REVIEW

I personally think of this as my ‘go kit’. So, I try to really only keep the ‘essentials’ in it. When I carry my MacBook Pro with me, I like to have its power accessories (USB-C cable and power adapter), at least one USB-C dock, a standard Lightning cable, a Lightning to USB-C cable, a USB-C flash drive and small utility knife. That’s it. I was able to easily fit all of these items into the CaddySack and I love how it looks. There are no untidy cables and when I open up the kit, it’s easy to see exactly where everything is. I don’t fumble with it and I can easily put everything back in its place when I’m done with it. 

Twelve South Journal CaddySack REVIEW


I’ve used a lot of different accessory bags to try and keep my cables and accessories neat when I am on the go and I can’t think of a better, more luxurious option for storing cables and smaller accessories than the Journal CaddySack.

Twelve South has once again created an awesome storage solution that protects what’s inside. One of the nicest features about it is that CaddySack matches the other Journal products so it looks like it’s part of the collection. Even though it retails for around $80-90, I think it’s well worth the investment. 

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