The convenience of a laptop – the comfort of a desktop.

Twelve South has been one of my favorite accessory companies since MacSources was launched nearly 8 years ago. Part of that reason is because they are “Mac Only” by design. This makes their products fit with my favorite Apple hardware seamlessly. Over the years, I’ve reviewed many of their accessories and they’ve never disappointed me. In the past few months, I’ve been tweaking my workspace to make it ‘perfect’. For the most part, it is complete, but I do always find room for improvement in some of the fine details. One of those details is my laptop stand. I moved from the Twelve South Curve in White to a Laptop Arm recently and now, I’m migrating my laptop to the new HiRise for MacBook also by Twelve South. 


The HiRise for MacBook is designed for laptops of all sizes. It’s a height-adjustable stand that will elevate a laptop to a comfortable level on your desktop. The stand can reach heights up to 6 inches for your ideal ergonomic setting. With it, you can align the laptop with an external display for a dual-screen workspace. The stand features non-slip (lined with silicone), v-shaped arms to safely hold MacBooks of all sizes (11-inch Air to 16-inch Pro). The arms also help promote air flow around the laptop. The HiRise elevates your laptop to help reduce neck strain and create a more comfortable work setting. The stand is made with metal and it has a sleek, brushed metal finish. The stand has a spring-loaded stem so that you can easily raise or lower it as you see fit. The HiRise for MacBook is one of the stands in Twelve South’s HiRise collection. They also have stands designed for the iMac, iPad mini, and iPhone. 


The HiRise comes in an impressive package. The box has a gorgeous photo of the product in use on the front with a simple graphic treatment (name of product and company logo only). Twelve South’s packaging is always super nice and in my opinion, rivals only Apple’s gift for superior retail boxes. They truly appreciate the customer experience – start to finish. When you open the box, you will find the stand sitting in some pre-cut foam to keep the stand safe when shipping. There is a nice Thank You note included from Twelve South. I always find these little touches to be what really sets Twelve South apart from its competitors. 

The stand comes pre-assembled and there is no need for any set-up of the product other than removing it from its box, uncovering the silicone arms, and taking off the foam from around the stem. Once that is done, you can incorporate the stand into your set-up however you like. To adjust the height, you have to loosen the thumb screen on the back of the stem and press down where the arms meet at the point of the ‘V’ . Once you have the stand at your ideal height, you can tighten the screw to lock the stand in place. 

As I have found with most Twelve South products, the HiRise for MacBook is simply wonderful. It’s built to be a sturdy, stylish addition to any Apple owner’s desk and it delivers on that promise. I wanted it to house my 15-inch MacBook Pro. I do typically keep my laptop in closed-clamshell mode and let my external monitor do the heavy-lifting task-wise, but it’s really nice knowing that if I need to open my laptop, it’s available quickly and easily. The stand can fit in with any style of set-up and because it has a brushed metal finish, it has a classy, professional look to it. The spring-loaded stem is easy to operate and raises the laptop to an appropriate level. 


I’ve not had any issues with the HiRise for MacBook stand and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any MacBook user. One of the things I like the most about this stand is that it’s virtually invisible. The laptop covers the arms and you can see the base, but because the stem is set at the back of the stand, it’s nearly impossible to see, too. I loved the Curve stand, but because you could see all of it, it felt like it took up a lot more space than the HiRise does. This is the ideal stand for me at this time. If I was to have one complaint it would be that you can’t get it in white. That would have allowed it to blend into my deskspace like the Curve. Once again, Twelve South does not disappoint and they have released a win. 

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