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Sometimes when we upgrade our computer hardware, we don’t take the same attitude towards our peripherals and all important accessories that make our work stations…work. Why is it that when we upgrade our machines that we don’t upgrade the things around it, too? Back in November, I took the plunge and ordered the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in Space Gray. This was a big change up for me because for years I’ve had the standard Apple Silver MacBook Pros, but I thought it was time for something different. When it arrived, I obviously had to make some adjustments for the new machine, but I didn’t really change how I was displaying my computer.

I pulled out two very high-quality stands — the BookArc and the ParcSlope — both are by Twelve South. The BookArc was ok. I have to admit that the Space Gray sort of clashed with the brushed Aluminum finish a bit so I swapped it out with my black ParcSlope. This worked for my setup, but I was sort of hiding the laptop beneath a 34-inch Ultra Wide Monitor and I really wanted to use the ParcSlope for my iPad Pro when drawling. Thankfully, Twelve South felt my pain and just recently released the Curve, a gorgeous, functional stand that is meant to display the MacBook Pro as the work of art that it is.

Twelve South Curve REVIEW

The Curve is an aluminum stand shaped to complement the MacBook Pro. It comes in one color — matte black — and it has a flowing ergonomic design. The Curve elevates the screen of your laptop 6.5-inches and keeps 70% of the base exposed. This promotes airflow to the laptop and prevents overheating of your MacBook Pro. The stand also has a small lip on the end of the arms that allows users to open and close the lid with ease. Twelve South actually refers to it as ‘one-handed’ lifting. The Curve actually has a unique history. It’s a redesign of the very first MacBook stand in the world. Twelve South co-founder, Andrew Green, designed the original iCurve, which was meant to provide laptop users with an elevated workspace for their computer. You can read all about the design efforts on Twelve South’s blog.

Twelve South Curve MacBook Pro Stand REVIEW

The use of a laptop stand isn’t just about a better viewing height, it’s also about the performance of the computer and your personal performance. With it having such an open design, your MacBook can breathe while it’s on the Curve. In addition to the airflow benefits, the Curve is a very stable stand. Because of the ‘curve’ of the design, it doesn’t wobble while sitting on your desktop. While using the Curve, you can add in an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse for a full desktop workstation. The nice thing about the Curve is that it looks good on your desk with or without a MacBook sitting on it. It’s a perfectly machined design wonder.

Twelve South Curve MacBook Pro Stand REVIEW

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been readjusting things on my desk. I mentioned how my laptop was ‘living’ beneath my monitor. Well, that didn’t sit well with me. I also didn’t like the position of my Thunderbolt 3 docking station. Things just seemed out of place on my desktop. So, I started moving items around. I tried using the ParcSlope in a different position, but it still wasn’t working right for me design-wise. When the Curve arrived and I unboxed it, I knew this was what I had been looking for. Without hesitation, I placed it on my desk and was finally at ease with my setup.

The Curve laptop stand is the upgrade that any laptop owner should consider. It’s beautiful, smooth, and lyrical. Its shape suggests movement and my MacBook Pro sit prominently on top of it.

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