A great carrying case for essential connectors.

I’ve been a fan of Twelve South for many years now. This is probably because they focus solely on creating accessories for Apple products. Twelve South knows what the Apple user wants design-wise. One of the first Twelve South products I ever reviewed was a BookBook for the iPhone. I was enamored with the quality of the leather-based product and the love that obviously went into its design. Today, Twelve South has an impressive line of BookBook products for various Apple devices. One of my new favorites is the BookBook CaddySack, a travel tote for chargers, cables, and adapters.

I typically have a fairly impressive mobile workstation at my disposal. My main computer is a MacBook Pro and I am never far from my 12-inch iPad Pro. Needless to say, with those two portable computing devices and my iPhone always in tow, I have a wide variety of cables that I carry with me. For some time, I’ve tried to keep it all organized with a GridIt, but find that sometimes the larger power adapters and smaller connectors get lost in the elastic cable organizer. The BookBook CaddySack is really an ideal solution for me because it gives me the option to store precious cables inside its zippered pouch and I don’t have to worry about anything slipping out.

Twelve South BookBook CaddySack REVIEW

The exterior of the CaddySack is the classic, high-quality leather that BookBook lovers are accustomed to. Inside, you will find two large adjustable Velcro loops on the right side of the CaddySack, while the left side has three elastic loops and a mesh pocket for smaller items like SD cards. On the spine, you will find a loop for a stylus. Interestingly enough, the stylus loop will accommodate the Apple Pencil, but it is really designed for shorter styluses. The interior is lined with a soft, black and white tweed, which is great because your cables and dongles stay safe and protected.

Twelve South BookBook CaddySack REVIEW

One important thing to note is that while the leather on the exterior is durable, it’s also authentic so it will retain scratches the more you use it. This is part of its charm, in my opinion, but it’s something to be aware of if you plan on having it in the field. For my purposes, I decided to store the following in the CaddySack:

  • My MacBook Pro power adapter and USB-C charging cable
  • A short Lightning cable
  • A USB flash drive
  • A protected USB flash drive
  • A USB-C/USB-A card reader
  • SD/Micro SD cards

Twelve South BookBook CaddySack REVIEW

For me, this is a bare minimum of essential objects that I want to carry with me. I could, of course, carry a large supply of cables, but I feel like the CaddySack is best used as a ‘GO’ kit. It should be the type of thing where you pick it up and go to your destination of choice and you know that you have everything you need inside.

One of the coolest things about the CaddySack is that it has the classic BookBook look. You could easily set it on a shelf amongst Dickens and Shakespeare and it would blend right in. Because it has a hardcover, the case will stand up on its end. This makes not only for a great storage option but also for a unique accessory. Even though I employ a lot of different cable management systems to keep my stuff organized, I find the CaddySack an essential piece of my computer kit.

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