Twelve South BookArc möd blurs the lines between furniture and technology.

What makes a good stand? Is it the ability to hold the product, the price, or its design? A great stand is one that has a unique look to it on its own and it blends in with your decor so that when in use, it disappears into the background. That’s the BookArc möd. It’s a very elegant, wooden stand inspired by Twelve South’s original BookArc that was made out of aluminum.

Twelve South BookArc möd Review

The BookArc möd is an extension of the BookArc that was released a few years back. That version is crafted from aluminum. While the style matches the Apple laptop line-up perfectly, Twelve South felt it was time for an upgrade and modeled the BookArc möd after some classic furniture designs like the Eames Lounge Chair or the Cherner Armchair, both available through Herman Miller.

The BookArc möd is crafted from one piece of plywood and is available in three different finishes – Birch, Walnut, and Espresso. These wood grains were chosen as the options that would most likely compliment most living and work spaces. The wood finish also brings a certain heirloom quality to the product and creates a sort of emotional attachment to the piece – the same type of attachment you feel to your MacBook.

Twelve South BookArc möd Review

The arc-shaped stand is compatible with all current models of MacBook models. The BookArc möd ships with two silicone inserts that make it possible to use the stand with all laptop models including the MacBook Air. Twelve South planned this product with the future in mind. As new laptop models are released, Twelve South can simply release new inserts so that owners can continue to use the BookArc möd with their newer computer models. As a user that periodically updates my computer hard ware, it’s really nice that Twelve South had this in mind when creating the BookArc. I love my accessories, but hate having to upgrade/update them when I update my computers. Being able to hold onto the BookArc möd when I shift to a new laptop is a huge convenience for me.

Twelve South BookArc möd Review

BookArc möd was designed to blend and become part of your work and/or living space. It creates a clean working environment and even helps you develop a desktop-style work station. Using Closed Clamshell mode, your MacBook can perch atop the BookArc möd while you connect it to an external monitor for a seamless work space. This helps to clean up your desk and also keeps your focus in one place instead of bouncing back and forth between screens. In addition to its style and basic function, the stand also has a couple of really nice hidden features. First, the BookArc has soft foot pads to protect the surface it’s residing on. Second, there are two routing adapters on the bottom for cable management. These allow you to connect cables to your closed MacBook and tuck away the cables beneath the stand for a flawlessly clean work space.

Twelve South BookArc möd Review

The BookArc möd is a gorgeous accessory that I was instantly drawn to because of its creative construction. Something I find to be particularly striking is how the plywood is layered. You can see this from the side view of the BookArc möd. The layers remind me of the layers on a skateboard. These layers are stacked in such a way on a skateboard so that it strengthens the wood. Growing up, I spend most of my time awake on a skateboard and even skated though most of my 20’s before injuries finally pulled me away from my four-wheeled passion. So, having a stand with these layers that hold my second love, my MacBook Pro, really brings me to a happy place.

The BookArc möd is an extremely awesome stand and it’s definitely a product I recommend to anyone with a laptop.

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