Twelve South BassJump 2 Subwoofer Review:

Bass boost just for your MacBook.

Photo_1-2-2At one time I owned an 11″ MacBook Air and the one thing I disliked about it the most was the speakers. I’m a bit hard of hearing and trying to use the speakers on the Air was just horrible for me. So, you would think the speakers on the Retina Macbook Pro would be better. Well, they are, but still they miss something and thanks to Twelve South I was able to find it. The BassJump 2 is a really cool square subwoofer that gives you more bass when playing music. Twelve South designed a wonderful little subwoofer that fits nicely on your desk and is easily mobile with a nice neoprene travel bag that comes with it.

Photo_3BassJump 2 is USB-powered and really turns your MacBook into a mini sound system. It’s really a pretty cool set-up because they have designed it so that sound and power travel through one USB cable. This is something that appeals to me because it means less cables and less cable clutter on my desktop. The little box measures 5 x 5 inches and weighs a little over one pound. Like many other Twelve South products, BassJump 2 matches the aesthetic of the Apple laptop. It’s finished with brushed aluminum and has a classy black metal weave grille. Needless to say, it’s very slick looking.

With it being a subwoofer and as small as it is, one question I had in my head was, “how powerful is this device?” The subwoofer has a 77mm speaker cone and can handle a frequency range of -6db at 50Hz-20kHz. To me, it’s enough to really punch up the sound from my MacBook Pro. The addition of BassJump 2 equates to a nice 2.1 speaker set-up with my MacBook speakers acting as the tweeters.

TwelveSouth-BassJump-SoftwareBassJump 2 comes complete with its own custom software to help you blend your music and other sound coming from your built-in speakers with the rich sound of the sub. The BassJump software gives you Crossover Frequency, Sound Settings, and BassJump Volume control. The crossover frequency range is 100Hz to 300Hz.

Photo_2-2Podcasts have become a brand-new experience for me thanks to the BassJump 2. Before I would need to AirPlay to my Phorus speakers or put my headphones on to hear all the nuances and voices from the presenters. Now, I get such a rich strong sound and don’t miss anything.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with little subwoofer and am looking forward to using it for quite some time. It’s really nice to be able to enjoy and experience sound in a new way.


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