TVPower Mini USB Cable by Mission Cables Review:

Solves cable-clutter problems and powers streaming media sticks.

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Several months ago, we welcomed an Amazon Fire TV Stick into our home. It’s been a wonderful addition, however, we sometimes struggle with a permanent install of the device. It’s recommended for best performance to plug it into AC power, but a USB cable is provided to allow you to get power directly from your TV, too. It’s a nice option when you aren’t near an outlet or you just don’t want cables strewn around your TV area. One problem with using TV power is that the cable provided is a standard, straight Micro-USB cable and it’s really long. It sticks out and still causes clutter. This is why Mission Cables was founded.

Mission Cables was born with the intent of designing and manufacturing specialty cables that solve problems. The TVPower Mini USB cable is the first product family for the startup. This cable is meant to help owners of media streaming stick devices like the Fire TV Stick, Roku Stick and Chromecast be able to plug into their TV without hassle. The cable we tested was for the Roku Streaming Stick – but, we tested it with our Amazon Fire TV Stick. You are provided with two versions of the cable. One has the connector at 90 degrees if your USB port is above your HDMI port and the other is 270 degrees if your USB port is below your HDMI port.

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Some of the benefits of the TVPower cable include:

  • Eliminating the hassle of finding an AC outlet near a TV
  • Optimum length to connect the media stick to a USB port on the TV
  • Decluttering the area by avoiding long USB power cables that hang out of the TV
  • Certified to work with each type of media stick
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So, what makes the TVPower cable so special? Its unique shape is the reason to seek it out. The Micro-USB end is shaped at a 90 degree angle, which minimizes the length of the cable and reduces the likelihood of it peeking out from the side of the TV and causing additional clutter. The cable itself is only about 6 inches long, so it must be used with a TV that has a USB port built in because it’s not long enough to reach anything else. This length is ideal for a permanent installation of a media stick because it takes the place of the 60” USB cable that is included with most streaming sticks like a Roku.

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I really love having the Mission Cable TVPower Mini USB. It’s a great option to use alongside with our Amazon Fire TV Stick and to hang onto if any other media sticks come our way. I tested this out by plugging it into our the side of our TV and was plesantly surprised about how easily it plugged in. Sometimes, plugs stick in our TV, but not the Mission Cable.

For $5.85 you really can’t go wrong with this little cable.