Tuture is a location-tracking application designed to help you remember where the heck you parked your car.

I like the idea of Tuture. And now that I’ve surrendered my out-of-state plates and my vehicle looks just like everyone else’s, I do lose it more often than I’d like to admit. I also like that it is a pretty hands-off device. You just let it run, and it does its thing. You don’t have to enter your location when you leave your car or deal with any Bluetooth shenanigans. You can just forget about it until you need it.

Tuture iOS App REVIEW Remember where you parked Tuture iOS App REVIEW Remember where you parked

Cons include ads, which you can pay to get rid of, but which are also extremely annoying if you don’t. They’re full screen and timed, and they pop up before you do literally anything. I feel like the ads wouldn’t be such a problem for regular use, but since I was trying to check out a lot of things for the review, it felt like I was basically waiting for ads to load or go away for the entire duration of my test. Another con is that it’s a bit of a battery drain. It uses your location all the time and also accesses your motion and fitness info. For the days I was reviewing, my phone was giving me those “Low Battery” popups much earlier in the afternoon/evening than I’m accustomed to.

Tuture iOS App REVIEW Remember where you parked Tuture iOS App REVIEW Remember where you parked

Pros include being able to manually save your location at any time by just pushing a button on the homepage. It also does a good job at helping you find your car, down to specific rows in a parking lot. It also alerts you via push notification if the app goes inactive, so you know if/when it stops tracking your location.

Finally, Tuture is easy to use. Like, my mother could use this app with relative ease, and I’ve had to explain email forwarding to her three times this year, so it’s definitely something that anyone can utilize.


For more information, visit tuture-car-locator.com.
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