Mattress provided the best night sleep in years.

A couple of years ago, we invested in a new mattress and box springs for me. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was firm and for the most part comfortable for me. Over time, I’ve come to notice that I really enjoy memory foam and other advanced mattress materials more than a traditional mattress. My parents had a memory foam mattress and then upgraded their bedroom set to include a Sleep Number mattress. This was completely ‘next level’ to me and after a couple of really enjoyable naps on their bed, I decided that I wanted to try out a memory foam mattress of my own. As luck would have it, I was presented the opportunity to test out the tulo mattress and I jumped on it. 

tulo liv Mattress REVIEW


The tulo mattress is designed to give you a proper night sleep without breaking your pocketbook. The word “tulo” means “sleep” in Chichewa and “income” in Finnish. According to tule’s website, the mattress is called ‘tulo’ because you get a great night’s sleep without blowing your hard-earned income. I thought this was pretty awesome as a concept since memory foam mattresses are known for being pricey. There are actually three different kinds of standard tulo mattress — soft, medium, and firm. In addition to the standard mattresses, there is also the tulo liv mattress. 

tulo liv Mattress REVIEW

With tulo, you don’t have to use it with a box spring. You can, but any flat surface will work with it — even adjustable bases. Because they know that everyone’s bodies are different and that everyone sleeps differently, tulo offers a 120-night at home trial. At the end of the trial, you can return it or exchange it if your mattress isn’t to your liking. Even though you can return it, tulo recommends that you try it for at least 30 nights to allow for the ‘break-in’ period. 

tulo liv Mattress REVIEW

Tulo is made in the USA and is shipped to you in a collapsible box. Similar to the way that the Casper mattress works, the tulo mattress is compressed and folded into a shipping container. Then, it expands again once the airtight seal is broken on the surrounding plastic wrap. It will expand fairly quickly (probably in less than 30 minutes), but it’s recommended that you wait at least one hour for it to fully expand before using it. 

The mattress I selected was the tulo liv mattress — the newest member of the tulo family. It has the same features and benefits as the other tulo brand mattresses, but what sets it apart is its special layer of LumaGel. There are three layers of comfort and support built into the tulo liv enclosed with a breathable soft-knitted top cover. The foam meets CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions, and durability. The mattress also has a 10-year non-prorated warranty. 

tulo liv Mattress REVIEW


  • 1.5” LumaGel provides temperature regulation and pressure point relief
  • 2.5” Support Layer provides increased support and durability to alleviate tossing and turning
  • 5” Base Layer provides the foundation for the longevity of the mattress


The tulo mattress was delivered by our local Mattress Firm store as they are a distributor of tulo.  The delivery guys brought the rolled, sealed mattress to our door straight from their truck. If there was a box, we didn’t see it. They may have removed that packaging before bringing the mattress into the house. Just as described by tulo’s website, the mattress was flattened out and wrapped in an airtight plastic wrap. We removed the tape that held the roll together so that it would lay flat and then we unleashed the mattress to the open air. Within about 10 minutes, the mattress was ‘inflated’ for lack of a better term. 

tulo liv Mattress REVIEW

Once the mattress was ready for use, I sat on it to see how I liked it and it was like being on a cloud. My old bed was made of springs that were starting to wear a bit so I was very excited to try this new mattress. One of the best ways I can describe it is ‘squishy’. It’s so cool how you sink into the bed when you are laying or sitting on it. I actually rather like hanging out and sitting on the bed almost more than sleeping on it. I found after a few nights with it that I started having some problems with my back. I had some back pain from my older mattress, but not like from the tulo mattress. I think some of that might still be because I’m in the break-in period. Even with the back pain, I think that the tulo liv has given me the best night sleep I’ve had in years. 

tulo liv Mattress REVIEW


Sleeping on a bed that was compressed and shipped in plastic is quite an experience. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s a great investment especially with the 120-night guarantee that tulo offers. I have already recommend tulo liv to a few family members as a mattress to checkout. If you are looking for something economical while providing a solid night’s sleep.

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