Premium Bed-in-a-Box Brand Supporting Launch with Two Online Sales to Keep Shopping Experience Simple While Offering the Best Prices

tulo, an innovative bed-in-a-box brand that believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice high quality to pay a low price, today introduced the addition of pillows to its product lineup. Joining its existing bed-in-a-box mattress offerings, tulo’s pillows are available in three comfort levels—soft, medium and firm.

Through extensive research and development, tulo found that the right level of pillow support depends on how your head is angled at night and thus tied to sleep positions. Using sleep position as the baseline for development, tulo identified a growing need to provide consumers with more pillow choices to suit the needs of every type of sleeper:

  • tulo Soft pillow: Best for stomach sleepers, the tulo Soft pillow offers ultra-soft support that continues to soften with use
  • tulo Medium pillow: Ideal for back and side sleepers, offering a unique blend of soft and firm support
  • tulo Firm pillow: Created for side sleepers and designed with firm support to help align the spine

“Today’s consumers want high-quality products, that are easily accessible and of course cost-effective, and that’s why we expanded our product offerings with the introduction of pillows,” said Sunni Goodman, SVP of Communications at Mattress Firm and tulo Brand Ambassador. “At tulo, we recognize that pillows make up 25% of your sleep space, so having a pillow suited to your sleep style can significantly improve your quality of rest. That’s why tulo is offering pillows in three comfort levels—soft, medium and firm. So whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper you can identify the best pillow to fit your sleep needs.”

Each tulo pillow incorporates an exclusive combination of high-density titanium infused foam to provide enhanced strength and support alongside AquaCool™ phase-change material which acts as a super-conductive highway for heat flow to help maintain the ideal temperature. In addition, the pillows are all CertiPUR-US® certified to meet the highest standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability.

tulo pillows ($89) are now available online and will be in more than 3,000 Mattress Firm stores nationwide starting June 22. In addition, to celebrate the launch, tulo is hosting two “Pillow Talk” online sales from June 6 – July 10.

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