Tuba for Mac brings YouTube to your desktop.

Social Media has redefined how the people of the world communicate with one another. For some, blogging is a form of therapy and for others it is simply a way to share his or her opinion with other like-minded individuals. Instead of picking up a phone to get in touch with friends, family or even neighbors, many times we take to the social networking sites, like Facebook, to reach out to others. Sharing is a basic principle that is taught to us when we enter kindergarten. Our first lessons in school are built on respect and communication with one another. In February of 2005, ‘sharing’ took an entire new form when YouTube went live. An 18-second video entitled, “Me at the Zoo,” was the first video uploaded to the video sharing site and what began as an $11.5 million venture-funded technology startup, soon became the third most visited website just behind Google and Facebook.

I’ve been a YouTube user for many years, but just recently got into the subscription part of the service. Within the past couple of years, the layout of YouTube has changed and, in my opinion, is less user friendly. As a result, I haven’t been a regular visitor for quite some time. It’s amazing how much a change in layout can make even the most dedicated user stop visiting a site. Tonight, while looking for apps to review, I came across Tuba for YouTube, a MacOS app.

Screenshot 17

Tuba shows all the content available from YouTube in a convenient, beautifully designed app with a clean interface. The app will allow users to log into their accounts and view their favorites, subscriptions and any other saved content. The app will also go to full screen mode. The only odd thing about this feature is that the search field disappears when you enter full screen mode.

If you are an avid user of YouTube, I would recommend checking out Tuba for Mac. There is a free version and paid version. The free version is what I downloaded and the ads are minimal. The paid version is only $1.99.