Charge one of your Micro USB devices with another in emergency situations.

Tryitt Micro USB to Micro USB Magnetic ConnectorHave you ever been stuck out and away from power, with only your phone and your tablet? Now imagine that you have used your phone all day, it is running low, but you have a tablet that has plenty of charge? To avoid this fiasco, I have tended to carry a battery backup with me, the Pronto 12 from Power Practical. I have received a Tryitt Micro USB to Micro USB Magnetic Connector to review. This connector is designed as a sync and charge cable for Android devices. The cable will allow you to charge one Android device from another. This is perfect for an emergency type situation where you need a boost to one of your devices.

The product arrives in a half translucent, half opaque Ziplock bag. The device comes as a loop shape with a plastic cap over the USB micro B connectors and a very strong magnet between the 2 adapters. I have really not had any need for a device like this, only having a single Samsung in our family (my wife). I am an Apple fan and thus have an iPhone 6S plus. If you look closely, there is a difference in the connector ends. The shorter device is the slave end and the longer piece is the master end.

Tryitt Micro USB to Micro USB Magnetic Connector

Essentially, the device is designed to plug the longer tip into the giving device and the shorter end into the receiving device. I was unaware of the fact that this could be used to charge this way. I like the design of the double headed charger with the two ends and the magnet/plastic cap. We were able to use my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S5 to charge my son’s Kindle Fire. This is actually a really neat way to charge a device, especially in a pinch. If you are out and away from power, you could use a tablet to give a boost to your phone, or vice versa. The keychain feature ensures that you have a way to charge with you at all times.

Tryitt Micro USB to Micro USB Magnetic Connector

The kindle Fire HD flashed a screen noting low power charger and that the device would not charge if in use. It then also provided a USB Compatibility page noting that file transfers can be done through the computer and that this low power system can charge when the device is off. The device measures 4.5 inches from tip to tip. If you have an android device that uses USB micro charging, consider picking up one of these. The Tryitt Micro USB to Micro USB Magnetic Connector is a perfect length for 2 devices and to keep on your keychain. I rate the device at 5/5 stars.