A keen way to gain back some desk space and have your sound quality increase.

Most people have recently found themselves setting up workspaces in their homes in order to keep themselves safe from the coronavirus (COVID-19). As time has gone on, people have found ways to turn their temporary workspace into a more comfortable, permanent one. I’m a little old-fashioned when it comes to work environments. I use digital tools for sure, but I also have a fair amount of paper I use as well. So, having some dedicated desk real estate available for computer hardware, peripherals, and any paperwork I have is a must for me. With that in mind, I acquired a pair of Trojan Pro Desk Clamp Monitor Stands (DCMS-02) so that my speakers could be elevated off my desktop and I could get back some of that space. 


The Trojan Pro Desk Clamp Monitor Stands are designed to clamp to your desk or shelf and keep your workspace clear and uncluttered. These are a practical solution to floor stands, which take up floor space in your area, or on your desktop. The stands are constructed with die cast aluminum and can adjust to heights between 9.1 inches and 12.5 inches. The clamps have rubber plates that provide essential gripping for the speakers themselves while also acting as isolation pads for unwanted vibrations. 

Monitor Plate8.85 inches7.28 inches0.31 inches
Clamp3.15 inches1.49 inches0.16 inches


The stands arrived in very nice retail boxes. There was plenty of information identifying the product on the outside of the box and I would have had no problems finding them on a shelf in a store. Out of the box, the stands were ready to be installed after some very minor assembly. The plate has to be attached to the top of the stand and the clamp has to be attached to the bottom. The pieces just screw into each other and they are secured using a provided hex wrench. The base of the stand — the part that secures the stand to the desk — is operated by a thumbscrew. This made me happy because I’ve worked with some desk-mounted accessories that operate by using a metal pin. That can end up being very awkward to work with, but this thumbscrew makes installation and adjustment very easy. 

The other main mechanism of the stand is the adjustment bolt. This piece is actually a screw that pulls out once it’s loosened so that you can move the shelf of the stand up and down to fit your optimal height. This is quite a clever option for height adjustment. I recently worked with a different speaker desk stand and their method for height adjustment included a pin and a screw. The Trojan Pro’s method leaves the stand in a very sturdy position and the stands don’t feel wobbly at all. 

The plate is large enough to accommodate mid-size monitors. We happen to have two different types of monitors — the Audioengine A2+ Wireless Speakers and the A5+ Wireless Speakers. The A5+ are the larger of the two styles of speakers. Their base measures 10.75” x 7” x 7.75”. While they did fit on the plate, I felt that they were just a little too big to really make good use out of the stands. So, I placed the A2+ speakers on the plates. They are quite a bit smaller than the A5+ speakers and only measure 6” x 4” x 5.25”. They fit on the plates with some room to spare. To me, they are the ideal size for these stands since the plates don’t rotate. This is the one ‘complaint’ I have with these stands — they don’t allow for the speakers to turn. Once you set the speakers, they face forward. One way to avoid this issue is to use speakers that are a little smaller than the plate (like the A2+) and turn them inward on the plate. 


The Trojan Pro Desk Clamp Monitor Stands are very sturdy, easy to install speaker stands that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to friends and family. Since I’ve installed them, I’ve really enjoyed the reclaimed desk space and I have even enjoyed the sound quality of my speakers more since they are at an appropriate height now (equal to my monitor/ear-level). I’ve not had any issues with the stands moving on me or the speakers sliding on the plates. These are a great investment and I think that if you are looking to regain some desk space, you should get yourself a pair. 

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