A very nice Bluetooth speaker; its like a mini boombox.

I remember back in the day when bluetooth speakers did not work very well. They would drain your battery super quickly and just plained looked junky. Now, Bluetooth speakers are evolving into gorgeous new styles. They are more power-efficient, waterproof, have the most advanced technology like Bluetooth 4.0, etc. This tube-style Bluetooth speaker from Trendwoo is no exception.

Trendwoo Music Tube Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The Trendwoo Music Tube Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker employs the highest technologies to make a very advanced listening experience for the end user. It’s waterproof and rated IPX4 protection against water. The speaker itself is a Hi-Fi 2.0 wireless speaker with Bluetooth 4.0. It has a nice, deep bass sound and full, rich tones no matter what you are listening to. The battery is a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery that ensures up to 8 hours of playtime. There is a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls and it connects seamlessly to mobile phones like the iPhone 6. Because it’s designed for outdoor use, the basic structure is a bit tougher than other Bluetooth speakers and the manufacturer suggests that it can easily be mounted to a bicycle. It’s not something that I personally tried, but I could see how someone might enjoy that option.

Trendwoo Music Tube Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

Based off of its description, I was very eager to test out the Music Tube. When it arrived, the packaging appeared to be top-notch and I expected the same of the speaker inside. Unfortunately, when i took the speaker out of the box it looked a bit dirty. Even the cables that were in the box looked dirty and stained. I was disappointed at first because it looked as though perhaps someone else had used it before it was shipped to me. As it turns out, the staining I saw was the orange paint from the speaker on the cables and on the speaker where it looked dirty was where some of the paint came off. I’m guessing that occurred based off of how long the speaker was being stored before it came to me. While I’m not going to fault them to much on that point, I did want to mention it.

Trendwoo Music Tube Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

Connecting the speaker to my phone’s Bluetooth only took a few seconds and the inline controls on the speaker worked great. The speaker is loud enough to work as a job site speaker even if you work construction. I tested it out by listening to it in my home office and the sound from the speaker filled the room nicely.  I did test the waterproof nature of the speaker by running water over it in my sink and found that the speaker worked fine no matter wet or dry.

Over all it seems to be a very solid speaker. My friend liked it so much when I showed it to him, he wants one now. It’s an affordable option for a tube-style, outdoor speaker and it’s sound quality can’t be beat.

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