Transparent Apple Watch Case Review:

A great option for keeping your Apple Watch scratch and dent free.

Transparent Apple Watch Case Review 3When the Apple Watch was first announced last summer, it seemed like everyone’s immediate reaction was, “Wow, that looks like it will break easily.” The truth is, Apple built this device to last. Even the Apple Watch Sport has a hard glass screen and anodized aluminum – the same material used to make the outer shell of the iPhone. Even though Apple has used these materials before, the watch is a whole new category for them and there is no telling what will happen to these tiny wearable devices when someone wears them every day. Metal still scratches. And for that, there is the Transparent Apple Watch Case from Lightning Knights.

Transparent Apple Watch Case Review 5The Transparent Apple Watch case is made of TPU flexible soft rubber that wraps around your Apple Watch to keep it clean and scratch/dent free. The case is scratch resistant and helps to absorb the shock incurred from a fall. With the case being transparent, the natural curves and color of the Apple Watch come through nicely. The maker of this case designed it so that the firm fit would give users 100% protection without obstructing the watch’s functionality. This is something that I think all case manufacturers struggle with, but with this case, it’s especially important because of the Digital Crown.


Even though I had read all those same stats that I just covered above, I was wondering about three points –

  1. Transparent Apple Watch Case Review 6Does it effect button/Digital Crown use?
  2. Is it hard to get the band on/off?
  3. How much weight does it add?

Now, I can definitively answer these questions. First, because the case is made from soft rubber/silicone, it can be moved slightly to coordinate best with the position of the buttons and the Digital Crown. When I slipped my case on the Apple Watch body, I did have to move it around a bit for the best fit. Lightning Knights makes this case available for both sizes of the watch (38mm and 42mm) and the smaller of the two sizes seemed to be a better fit than the larger one. There wasn’t really a ‘problem’ with the 42mm sized case, but it did seem to make the Digital Crown be less smooth when turning than without the case.

Transparent Apple Watch Case Review 4Secondly, when you install the case, you do have to remove both sides of your watch band to that it’s just the body of the watch. I would suggest starting the application of the case with the side that has the Digital Crown on it. In taking the case off, you will find that the bands are a little more difficult to get to. The case covers the release button for the band and this can hinder your ability to quickly and easily switch your watch bands. In my opinion, this is not a deal-breaker, but something that I wanted to mention.

Lastly, one of my biggest concerns with adding a case to the Apple Watch was the added weight. I am not used to wearing a watch full time, and the Apple Watch already seemed to be heavier than ones I’ve tried in the past. Fortunately, the Apple Watch Sport is lightweight and very easy to get used to wearing. A case for added scratch protection was something I was interested in, but leery about it at the same time. I am happy to report that this particular case weighs less than 0.3 ounces and I can hardly tell any difference in how the watch wears with the case on it.

Transparent Apple Watch Case Review 7CONCLUSIONS
Even though I feel that Apple has done a good job of selecting tough materials that withstand everyday use, accidents happen and adding a small, silicone case to your watch is great for added insurance and peace of mind. For $9, this is a great addition to your Apple Watch.