App bridges the gap between iOS file storage and the Mac.

Transloader Mac and iOS App Review 3Apple’s mobile software, iOS, is wonderful. It helps most of us with our daily tasks. Some people don’t even use their computers much anymore because they have found that for what they do, an iPad or iPhone is more than enough. I think that’s great and I wish I could say that I am able to do the same, but as great as iOS is, it does still have it’s limitations. One such limit is file management and storage.  Transcoder for Mac and iOS helps to correct this problem by allowing you to download files from the internet that you find on your iOS device.

Transloader Mac and iOS App Review 4With iOS there are very few files that you can actually save from the internet. Images can be saved, but zip files and documents are another story. So, for example if I needed to download open source software or a music file outside of Apple Music, I would not be able to do so on my iOS devices. There are some third party apps that you can utilize, but using the iPhone or iPad as a thumb drive will use up valuable space you have quickly and lots of people won’t remember to delete the files after moving them to their Mac, so what is there to do?

Transloader Mac and iOS App Review 5Transloader makes it possible for you to send files that you find while browsing the internet on your phone to your computer with a simple copy and paste. After all, sometimes you just want it beamed directly to your computer. Transloader let’s you copy the link for the file you wish to download, enter it in the iOS app and it will download on your Mac – one simple step is all it takes. This app gives you the ultimate way to take advantage of your hours of browsing the internet on your iOS device.

Transloader Mac and iOS App Review 7To set this up, you must download the app on both your Mac and your iOS device. The iOS app is free and universal across the iPhone and iPad. The Mac app is available in the App Store and costs $5.99. The connection between the two is flawless and aside from downloading the app on both platforms, there is no other set-up required. The apps just talk to each other. As a test, I found a PDF of the Hunger Games on my iPhone and pasted the URL into Transloader. Once I tapped ‘Done’, the file was sent to my Mac. Within a few seconds, the PDF was available in my Downloads folder.

This is definitely a must have app. Before using Transloader, I would save links to my Notes app and try to remember later to download what ever it might have been I was looking for earlier. Now, I can paste URLs for files into my Transloader app on my iPhone or iPad and I don’t have to remember the file later, because it’s already done downloading. I’m very happy to have this added to my arsenal of apps I keep on the home screen of my iOS devices.

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