Sit back, relax and set the perfect scene via Siri or your iPhone.

Create the perfect cinematic atmosphere at home by turning your living room into a movie theater with your own personal ambience. 

“Hey Siri, movie night!” Create the perfect cinematic atmosphere at home by turning your living room into a movie theater with your own personal ambience.

Make yourself comfortable. Finally. You’re home from work. Time to sit back, relax and start your movie night. All it takes is a quick tap or a Siri voice command. While Eve Light Strip creates a dreamy aura with dimmed, indirect light, Eve Energy turns your bright floor lamp off and your HomeKit-enabled television on. Just remember to bring the popcorn before you settle in for the evening.

Smart control. Eve Energy makes your ambient lighting and entertainment system smart. Switch your appliances on and off with a simple tap or Siri voice command and keep track of your power consumption. Or set schedules to switch your light on automatically at a specific time. 


Activate your ambiance. Create the perfect atmosphere by putting Eve Light Strip behind your TV stand or couch. Inside display cabinets. Around mirrors or paintings. Tucked within skirting boards, wall reveals and suspended ceilings. At two meters in length – which you can cut to size, extend up to ten meters, and bend to your heart’s content – Eve Light Strip breathes new life into any space.

Automate your life. Automate your connected home by setting rules and timers. And do it according to your routine. Set Eve Light Strip to turn on automatically at sunset or your home entertainment system to come to life when you walk in the door. All you need is a home hub. We recommend a HomePod or Apple TV.

Synchronize your life. Set scenes to control one or more HomeKit-enabled accessories at the same time. A simple “Hey Siri, good night!” is all it takes to turn off your Eve Light Strip and any lights connected to Eve Energy. You can even set your scenes to activate automatically based on timers and rules.

100% privacy. Eve accessories are designed to safeguard your personal data. All data is fully encrypted and only transferred directly between your Eve accessory and iPhone, iPad or home hub. Strong encryption verification during each connection attempt makes sure that only you hold the key to your home.

Products: Eve Energy, Eve Light StripPrice: $99.95
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