Trailerpop is the world’s first game-driven movie discovery platform.

As my bio states, I am a movie fan. It is one of the things that I identify myself as when I meet new people. I grew up watching obscure titles such as “The Reivers” and playing movie trivia games over dinner that always ended with, “Who was the Cinematographer on Close Encounters of the Third Kind?” (answer: Vilmos Zsigmond). Those ‘toughies’ came from my dad, who wanted to stump my brother and I. It wasn’t until I was 11 that I learned exactly how to play his version of the game. When it came to be my turn to ask the trivia question, I said, “Who was the voice of Belle in Beauty and the Beast?” Dad just looked at me stunned. He began to call shenanigans (part of the rules included the person asking the question must know the answer), but when no one could answer, I spouted out, “Paige O’Hara.” I think his jaw dropped to the ground.

trailerpop-screenshot 2Needless to say, ever since, I’ve been a movie trivia fan and was happy to discover Trailerpop, an iOS app that associates a trivia game with movie trailers. The app offers movie marketers the opportunity to reach engaged movie fans and gives users the opportunity to earn rewards, share their experience through social networks and even purchase movie tickets and digital versions of the movies through retailers such as Fandango, iTunes, Amazon and others.

Originally released in February this year, Trailerpop is currently on version 1.0.2. It is free to download and use. The most recent update features the integration of trivia contests.

In testing this app, I lost track of the time. I started playing the game and wanted to continue to reach the next level of game play. The eleven year-old girl inside me was determined to beat the ‘stumping’ questions. When you first start the app you are met with a screen that is littered with categories. Upon selecting a category, you receive a list of trailers to watch. Once you select the trailer to watch, it automatically starts playing at the trivia begins. You answer the questions as quickly as possible to earn the most points possible. The longer a question is on the screen, the less points it is worth. Because it is a timed-trivia game, the questions are all multiple choice, which is a nice assist from the game.

trailerpop-screenshot 1I truly do enjoy this app. I think it’s great entertainment and love that it features brand new trailers as well as older ones. I also really like that it has a rewards system built-in. The only two criticisms I have are:

1) Some of the older trailers are not the original trailers. Instead, they are trailers that are for a video release or even re-release. I think it would be great to include the original trailers instead.

2) Trivia repetition – As I was playing through a few categories, I found that many movies repeat throughout. This in itself wouldn’t bother me, but the trivia repeats as well. I played through the trailer of E.T. at least three times and was met with the same trivia questions. I would love to see many levels of trivia questions for the same trailer as new versions of the app are released. I think that would add a lot to the game.

I recommend this app to any movie fan, trivia fan or even just someone who is looking for some free entertainment. Trailerpop is great fun and worth the download.