TrackR bravo GPS Tracking Device provides superior tracking experience.

When I was a little girl, I had a messy room. My mom used to try and coax me into cleaning it by saying, “Think how much easier it will be to find everything.” The only problem with that argument was that I already knew where everything was. Somehow, I could always find my way through all that stuff to get to what I was looking for. Unfortunately, that keen sense of navigation didn’t follow me completely into adulthood. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set down my phone or keys and have not clue where they are. Most of the time, they are right under my nose, but other times, I find them in odd places like the freezer. I was instantly intrigued by tracking/GPS devices for stuff when they started emerging a few years ago. I’ve been able to test out a few different models and today, I find myself with the TrackR.

TrackR bravo GPS Tracking Device Review

TrackR is a coin-sized device that is meant to attach to your belongings so that you can ping it and easily be able to find your items when they become lost. The anodized aluminum construction and sleek design make this a very desirable tracking device.

Some of the features of TrackR include:

  • Distance Indicator – displays the distance between you and your items
  • Item Ringer – ring your misplaced keys so you can track them down even when they are hiding between the couch cushions
  • Phone Finder – ring your phone with TrackR to find it
  • Crowd GPS – bounces a single off of other TrackR users and sends you GPS updates so you can track down your item
  • Separation Alert – Sends a notification to your phone when your item gets too far away

TrackR bravo GPS Tracking Device Review

When I first received TrackR, I was impressed by its size. Like I said, I’ve tested out other tracking devices and have found them to be bulky and a bit cumbersome to keep on my key ring. TrackR is only about the size of a quarter in diameter and about an eighth of a inch thick. I also noticed soon after taking it out of the package that TrackR did not come with any sort of instructions. The packaging is very slim and minimalistic so, I can understand why there isn’t a bulky user guide, but a simple quick start guide would be nice. The app does walk you through set-up pretty quickly and easily.

TrackR bravo GPS Tracking Device ReviewTrackR bravo GPS Tracking Device Review

TrackR, like other tracker devices, has a very quick set-up process. It essentially just has to connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Once it does, you use the app to ping your TrackR device, or  to ding your phone in reverse. One feature that really stands out to me about TrackR versus other devices is the ability to make custom alarm sounds. The default alarm is a very high pitched squeal. Another one of our writers was supposed to complete the review of this product, but he has some hearing loss and is unable to hear high pitches, so he handed it off to me. Fortunately, TrackR gives you the option to use music tracks that are currently on your phone as the alarm. This makes it not only easy to distinguish your TrackR from others around you, but it also makes it possible for alarms to be heard even by those who are hard of hearing.

Another feature that I really like is the Silent Mode. The Separation Alert works really, REALLY well. While testing, I took my phone into a conference room at work and left my keys on my desk. The alarm went off on both my keys and my phone to let me know that the two had been separated from each other. Well, I knew where my keys were so it was a little annoying. For times like this, when you know where your belongings are, you can enable Silent Mode. This disables the sound on separation alarms until you turn this mode off again. It can be very helpful.

TrackR bravo GPS Tracking Device Review

TrackR is a superior GPS device to others in its category based on its size, style, and customization. I have found it to be easy to use and love that it doesn’t crowd my keychain. TrackR has some pretty awesome additional opportunities for use like animal tracking, or even human tracking. You could easily clip this to a collar or clothes as well as bags, and keychains. TrackR is affordable and you can purchase it as a single device or in packages.

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