iPad 3, no just iPad. I placed my order on launch day just like thousands of others. A few days ago, I got my shipping confirmation and this morning I checked to see where my new iPad would be coming from and where on its journey it could be. To my surprise, it’s in Nashville,TN only two and half hours away from me. I thought it would be shipped from China or California. With this shocking information, I sit and wonder if Apple has some deal worked out with FedEx not to deliver until Friday or will I be visited by the newest member of the Apple family.

In the past, I’ve seen iPhones getting delivered two days early and being so close to Nashville, I’m really looking forward to it getting here early, perhaps by Wednesday. That would be awesome! Being able to test out the retina display, or maybe put it up next to the iPad 2 and see if I can tell the deference in weight or thickness, will be thrilling.

As you can see in my photos I’m an Apple fanboy. I ordered a 64 gig white iPad. I’m not sure if I’ll use all 64 gigs of this beast, but with a device that you can’t change the size of hard drives with out buying a new one, I guess better safe then sorry. As for as the 4G LTE option, I decided to pass not because of the extra $129 that it would have cost me, but because I have tethering on my iPhone 4S and can’t really see paying for two data plans just to have 4G speeds. I think in October when Apple puts out the next iPhone, its going to have 4G and then I’ll just upgrade my 4S. I should be able to tether until then using 3G. I’m sure I can be extremely happy with the new iPad without 4G LTE.

Now we know I decided to upgrade, did you? If so, were you able to get your order placed on launch day, or did the strain on Apple’s website keep you from getting to order for a few days. Have you received your tracking number, and if so, where is your new iPad shipping from? Let us know.