TP-Link AC1200 Access Point delivers Business Class WiFi.

The Auranet EAP225 is a wireless access point for any growing business. It offers speed, ease of use and setup, and bandwidth control all with a relatively low price. That’s convenience and performance without going broke. I think we all can appreciate that. Plus, the appearance is clean and minimal. On the ceiling, it’s no more obvious than a smoke detector.

At first, when I installed my access point I was confused as to why anyone would need this. To me, it seemed just as easy to get a router and be done. That was before I saw the big picture. Yes, this acts as a router in that it allows users to connect via WiFi. However, with this access point, in particular, there is no complicated setup or much room for error. It’s as easy as hooking it up and downloading the AP controller software from the manufacturer’s website. All together it took about 6 minutes to be up and running. When you take into consideration that the unit has PoE or passive power, which is drawn from the Ethernet cable itself, there is only one wire to connect. Once in the controller software, you simply find the access point on the list of devices and click adopt. That’s pretty much it. It can’t get easier. From there, its a just a matter of choosing your network settings and you’re done.

The controller software is unique in itself. The program allows you to manage anywhere from one to hundreds of access points from any computer on the network. This gives administrators unparalleled control of their network. From your desk you can monitor who is using your network, for how long, how much bandwidth, on what type of device, and so on. The access points don’t have to be in the same building either. Any access point on your network, anywhere your network is running, can be controlled from any PC on the network. The user can upload floor plans to map out exactly where the access points are being used and where they might need to be added. This is useful to determine where you need service and where you don’t. The controller software also logs trends that will enable the administrator to monitor where the most traffic is being used. It really is an incredibly useful tool and at no extra cost to the consumer.

TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Access Point

Now that we know the EAP225 works and is easy to use…and that the software is extremely useful, let’s talk about performance. The AC1200 dual band access point offers both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies with up to 300 Mbps and up to 867 Mbps. With features such as beamforming, band steering, and airtime fairness the user is going to get a good connection. The RF shields, professional grade antennas, and high powered amplifiers mean that the hardware and the firmware are designed for optimum business performance. I’m not going to go into all the bells and whistles here. Here is a link to the manufacturer’s datasheet with all the specs and performance information.

TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Access Point

I’d have to say that any business that is growing or has a need for widespread wireless access could certainly make use of this device. From hotels and hospitals to businesses with multiple locations or offices, the EAP225 is truly a useful and versatile option. I’ve seen prices online ranging from around $50 to $80. I think at that price anyone using this access point will be pleased.

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