Now available for purchase on, the screen-free toy lets kids chat with loved ones

Amazon and Verizon backed Toymail, the creators of the only safe and screen-free voice messaging platform for kids, will be featured on ABC’s Emmy award winning show “Shark Tank” on February 17.

Cofounded by Gauri Nanda and Audry Hill, Toymail has been gaining traction since its Kickstarter launch in 2013. CEO Nanda, the serial entrepreneur behind Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away, says that pitching to the Sharks was something she wanted to do since the series began.

“We have achieved an enviable level of success already by any standard, but potentially securing backing from the sharks would give us the visibility, partnerships, and capital we need to help bring this product into the home of each and every young child,” says Nanda. “I’ve pitched to all kinds of investors. This pitch was the most exciting, and certainly the most unnerving one I have ever had to deliver.”

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Toymail is a simple and secure way for kids to connect to friends and family through toys called Talkies. Parents download the Toymail app to record voice messages for their children and approve friends and family as contacts. Kids as young as three can just press a button on their Talkies to send messages. Not only can Talkies connect to any smart device, two Talkies can connect to each other so that kids stay connected to their friends and family no matter how far apart they may be.

“We started shipping to our pre-orders a few months ago, and are now we’re ready to bring the product to the mass market,” says Nanda.

Toymail’s tech resonates deeply with parents who want to stay connected to their kids throughout the day without putting them behind another screen. “The Talkie has made a tremendous difference in our lives and given my daughter independence in being able to freely communicate with her loved ones,” says one Toymail user.


With the Shark Tank announcement, Toymail is also launching “Toymail cloud” that enables owners of Toymail toys to expand and refresh their toy with new features any time they choose. For example, “Remindie” is an audible calendar that keeps kids on track, “Sleepie” turns your Talkie into a bed buddy to get kids in bed on time, “Voicie” downloads fun voice recording filters into the toy, and “Biggie” will soon grow the toy’s personality the more a child sends messages. The Toymail cloud is accessible from the Toymail app.

Toymail Talkies come in three character options: Gory the Shark, Hank the Dino and Bitsy the Bat, with additional character “skins” that allow children to swap the tech into another form factor.

Talkies are currently available at and on
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