The Tower saves space and headaches for charging.

I use my laptop and mobile devices a lot in the evening. When I’m reclining in my comfy rocking chair, the last thing I want to do is get up and look for a place to plug in my devices when they need power. For quite some time, I have run extension cables and power strips to certain locations around the room. This helps, but it still doesn’t solve the problem completely. Fortunately, I found out about a product called The Tower.

The Tower Charging Stand Review 2

The Tower by The Art of Power is a charging station that is built vertically. The concept of this remarkable device came out of a need that founder, Gwen Beldock had. She was suffering from Lupus complications and needed to have easy access to power for her computer and arts and crafts supplies. After piecing together a crude vertical charging station out of duct tape, an old fan tower, and extension cords, her father, Donald Beldock, saw the value in the product for all people, not just those with limited mobility. And so the two set out to create Gwen’s dream power tower.

The Tower stands nearly three feet tall and has a weighted base to it so that you don’t have to worry about it tipping over. The design of it is such that it could be a sculpture. The top of the Tower is a very special power strip that includes four standard power outlets and two 2.1A standard USB ports. There is a gentle curve from the power strip down that melds seamlessly with the actual stand. The Tower plugs into any standard wall outlet and has a right-angled plug so that it can plug in virtually anywhere without hitting other cables. There is an 8-foot extension cable attached to the Tower, but fortunately, our wall outlet wasn’t that far away from the Tower’s home.

In addition to its design and functionality benefits, the Tower has a couple of really nice power strip features including surge protection. It also has a built-in, resettable 15A circuit breaker (1875 watts) and an EMI and RFI noise filter so that charging is quiet. As a charging unit, the Tower is UL and cUL listed and approved, which is a helpful bonus. The base even converts so that you can sit the stand flush up against a wall.

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The Tower has a caddy that attaches to the back of the stand. You can purchase the Tower with or without it. This caddy has space for your mobile phone and tablet (not meant for 12″ tablets).There are also little nooks that can be used for cable management. It’s great that that product designer figured that in because the Tower does lend itself to having multiple cables plugged in all the time. They will just dangle and become a mess. While you can choose not to add the caddy to your purchase, I do recommend it for mobile device users. It comes in quite handy just being about the plug and store your device.

The Tower Charging Stand Review 4

The Tower has been a wonderful addition to my home. I have it sitting next to my recliner so I can power my MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone without having to take my devices into my office or find cables long enough to plug into the wall. Having the option of not having to drag out extension cables or power strips has been amazing. I also really like how little space the Tower takes up. It’s got a very small footprint in my living room and fits very well between my chair and the wall.


The Tower is a great option for charging multiple devices in smaller spaces. Even though I decided to use this in my living room, it would also be wonderful in the bedroom or office. It’s very practical and was built with a simple purpose in mind – easy access to power for all types of users.

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