Perfect for Motorhome and Truck Drivers, the Pro-Comm Headset will allow you to enjoy the on-the-go sound, via wireless headset or built-in speaker.  Enjoy noise reduction microphone and headset.

I have had the pleasure of testing a variety of headsets over the past few years.  I have enjoyed in-ear and around the ear style instead of the on-ear styles. Additionally, I have tested multiple Bluetooth portable speakers.  So far, I have not had the luxury of testing a collar style headset, despite seeing many friends/family with them.  I had been searching for a device that I could use with my 30 foot Class C motorhome E450, powered by a 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel engine.  Unfortunately, the main problem to overcome was excess cabin noise.  It has proven difficult to make/receive calls due to engine and road noises; neither party can hear that well.  Additionally, the microphone of many headsets tends to pick up the engine noise and the experience proves to be less than ideal.  I also did not necessarily want to sit with an earbud in my ear for 8-10 hours.   The ToughTested Pro-Comm headset is the first collar style/in-ear bud style device I have tested, and I really enjoyed them.

The ToughTested Pro-Comm Wireless Headset arrived in a black retail package with clear window, displaying the headset incredibly well.  The packaging promised a 10x noise canceling microphone, 23 Decibel sound reduction (foam tips), 15 hour talk time, IP54 dust/water resistance and vibrating call alerts (really neat feature). If you look through the window at the device, you will immediately notice the external speakers and the earbuds.  Turning the packaging over, the back further details the features/specifications of the device.  The headphones use Bluetooth 4.1 and have the industry standard 33feet/10meter range.  With 100 hours of standby time, 15 hours of battery talk time and 22 hours of music time, this device seems very promising.  Even better, it only takes one hour to charge the device.

ToughTested Procomm Unboxed

Within the package, you will receive the headphones, a user manual, a very reasonable 42″ USB A to USB Micro cable and 4 sets of ear tips: Small and large foam noise canceling tips and small and large triple flange tips, to enhance fit into the ear canal. At first, I thought I was going to hate the foam tips, but they grew on me.  The triple flange ear tips were more secure and did go deeper into the ear canal.  I do believe that this increased the quality of the bass and the overall sound, but this was only minimally noticeable  The small triple flange tips led to fatigue more quickly and I could not tolerate long term use of them.  The large triple flange tips were even more uncomfortable.  The soft foam tips will compress like a typical earplug but will have a channel for sound.  I am thankful that they included the other adaptors, as comfort is dependent on ear size/shape.

The microUSB charging port is hidden inside of the right main body.  You will also notice the button to change between speaker/headphone is located just adjacent to the charging port.  Pressing the button, while listening to music, will move the sound between the earphones and the speakers.  This is instantaneous and works very well.  In a call, it moves from the earphones to the phone.  There are 3 buttons along the outer right collar section.  You have a volume up (short press)/Next (long press), Power on/off, volume down (short press)/Previous track (long press) button.   ToughTested got the button layout perfectly right.  With the short press controlling the volume, it is much easier to have fine control over the sound.  Additionally, the power on/off button has a raised rubberized feel to it and you can easily start/stop a song or accept a call solely through tactile means.

I recommend charging the device for 1 hour prior to first use.  Once charged, hold the power on button for 3 seconds and you will hear a female voice within the earbud notice “Power on.”  Navigate to the settings on your phone, Bluetooth and look for Pro-Comm 10X.  You will then hear “Your headset is Connected.”  When you are finished with your session, hold the power button for 3 seconds and you will hear “Power Off.”  You do have the option to connect to a second device as well.  The instruction manual details the method to attach to a second device.  To do this, hold the up and down buttons together for 5 seconds and your Pro-Comm will disconnect from the first paired device.  The LED light on the main body will flash and indicate pairing mode.  Navigate to settings on device two and then to Bluetooth and pair the second device.  You can be connected to two devices through this method.  I did link the device to my iPad air 2 and my iPhone but never tried to receive a call while connected to the iPad air 2.

The hardware of the ToughTested device was found to be very sturdy and appealing.  The next step was to test the sound.  Navigating to, I decided to run my three standard tests.  First, the Low-Frequency Audio Response test, produced a sound at 30HZ, which is a little above the human limits of hearing at 20Hz. When I completed the High-Frequency Range Test (8-22KHz), I found I could hear just at 15KHz, which is age appropriate and typical of hearing.  Lower range limits tend to be more of a device limitation and higher pitched deficits depend on the ear of the listener. The last test was the Stereo Perception and Sound Localization test. Navigate to the link and choose “The Real Thing.”  If you have not heard this before, I warn you that it is startling.  The first time I heard the knocking, I jumped and looked behind me.

The earphones are a little weak in the bass department, as tested by my test tracks: Eagles “Hotel California,” Dark Knight Rises Joker Theme “Why So Serious,” The Gladiator Sound Track and listening to the opening scene from Star Wars Episode III, Attack of the Clones.  This was to be expected with the findings of my testing.  Even though the bass is weaker, the quality and intonation seem reasonable.  Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and “Somebody to Love” sounds good, but not as good as with some more powerful earphones (1More Quad Driver).  I next listened to “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel and to appreciate the instrumental quality, I listened to use Far and Away and Braveheart Soundtracks.

Lately, I have added to my typical repertoire.   One of the neatest features I have been testing is the idea of a soundstage.  These headphones have a meek soundstage ability.  To test this, you can visit Yosi Horikawa’s Wandering EP and listen to the variety of sounds (Bubbles, Wandering, Letter, In The Distance).  Listening to the songs, you are supposed to feel/hear the sounds as if they are around you. The sound is clear but the staging seems off and not 3d/surround. It is really neat that you can

There are many perks to this device.  If you double click the power button, you can access voice dialing and Siri functions.  The microphone is amazing and really does block ambient/environmental sounds.  The kevlar coated, braided, orange headphone cables will not get tangled thanks to the design of this set.  I am a huge fan of the magnets on the base of the earbud and along the speaker sections.  These will allow the earbuds to not dangle.  Additionally, you can attach the earbuds to each other via the included magnets.


Despite the perks, there are some cons to the device.  The sound, as mentioned, is not as strong and full as a few other headsets that I have used.  However, the added comfort of the speakers exceeds any of the negatives I have found.  These are not too comfortable for exercising, as the collar jostles on your neck.  They are great for stationary cycling, for driving and for prolonged use.   They are sweat and dust resistant, but not waterproof.   Audible sounded great, most songs sounded good.  Audiophiles will have their favorite headsets for everyday use.  Personally, for on the go use, and in my motorhome, the Pro-Comm headset is now my favorite.  It seemed that the connection was a little less secure if the phone was in my pocket, or if my body was between the phone and the headset.  The microphone is a nice feature and seems to work better than most I have tried.   In conclusion, I rate the device at 4.5/5 stars and would encourage you to give the headset a look.

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