Jumpstart your own car, illuminate your surroundings and recharge your phone with the 3-in-1 Jolt. Self Reliance may be the ultimate goal of ToughTested!

I never knew what I was missing by not participating in scouts as a youth.  Now that I am involved as a Cub Scout leader with my two boys, I regularly witness the overarching cub scout motto of “Do your Best” and the Boy Scout Motto “Be Prepared.”  Have you ever forgotten to turn off your overhead light in your car, only to come outside and realize that you have a dead battery?  Or, have you been camping and realized that you forgot to bring a way to charge your phone?  What if there was a device that could solve both of those issues and provide an incredibly powerful light source?  Luckily, such a device has been provided by ToughTested in the Jolt All Purpose Jump Starter.

ToughTested Jump Start
As the name implies, ToughTested specializes in rugged gear that is designed to keep your tech safe and charged.  They sell a variety of items ranging from battery chargers, solar charges, headsets, cases, etc. and build them to survive in more extreme environments than you would experience. The ToughTested Jolt is a three-in-one device: Jump Starter, Flashlight, Powerbank.  The cover of the 12″ tall by 5 1/8″ wide by 2 13/16 inches thick retail package displayed a vivid, lifelike image of the flashlight with attached jumper cables.  The packaging promises a 1000 Lumen LED flashlight, a 300A lithium jump starter that can start your 4-6 cylinder engine up to 10x, charge a cell phone up to 3x, works in low temperatures down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit and IP63 rating. ToughTested did a great job with the dark background and orange/white font.  The left side of the box (your right side) was a bit busy, detailing the CREE T6 1000 Lumen 5 Mode Light, 5100 mAH battery, and the spark-proof TSA compliant jumper cables in English, French and Spanish.

The Jolt device arrived in an attractive black carry bag with dual red zippers.  I was impressed with the construction of the 11 1/4 inches long by 4 1/2 inches wide by 3 inches thick nylon bag.  The carry case was devoid of markings, logos, loops, etc., but did have an 11/16 inches wide carry strap near the zipper closure.  The outer seams were incredibly well stitched, as were the zipper linings.  If I had one complaint about the bag, it would be the lack of a connecting bar/strap between the zippers.  Similar to a shower bag in appearance, I missed the ability to rapidly open both zippers simultaneously.  Although this was only a minor feature of the bag, it was one that I would have liked to see.

Interestingly, the inside of the bag was made of two compartments and not one large one.  Along one side, I found the heavy 1 pound 6.8 ounce, 10 1/2 inches long by 2 5/16 inches diameter flashlight (1 15/16 inches along the base).  Along the other side, I found the jumper cable kit, with eight-inch long cables, the instruction manual, warning card, a 15/16 inches by 2 3/4 inches long car adaptor and a 20 1/2 inch USB-A to USB-micro cable.  Conveniently, ToughTested provided a velcro separation panel between the jumper cables and the remainder of the pocket.   I am a big fan of micro-organized bags, and this pocket was a surprise.  In total, the bag/contents weighed nearly two pounds at 1 pound 14.4 ounces.  This is likely too heavy for a backpacker and obscenely heavy for someone who is trying to ultralightweight pack.  The 1000 Lumen light and the ability to jump-start a car/recharge cell phones makes this device perfect for RV/Motorhomes, motorcycle side bags, small trucks and cars, Boat/Jetski, Polaris/UTV/ATV and to just have around the house for emergencies.

It is important to note that this flashlight is incredibly robust and feels heavy duty.  The flashlight has a single LED switch to illuminate/extinguish the torch, which is located 3 7/16 inches from the front.  I was pleased with the tactical look and feel of the light.  The matte black coloration and the cold steel reminded me of the flashlights that my dad had growing up.  I always imagined my dad’s flashlight as a Batman tool, resembling a hammer, a baton, a crowbar and when I taped a little bat symbol onto the lamp, a Bat Signal.  The white ToughTested logo, emblazoned onto a single side of the light, provided a stark contrast to the dark black background.  The opposing side was a bit busier, providing the technical specs of the Jolt device.  The Jolt has an internal Li-Po 5100mAh battery, can accept and output 5V/2A and is capable of a jump-start current of 12V 150-300A. Along the butt end of the flashlight, you will find the 1 15/16 inches diameter base with the included rubberized water-resistant seal.

ToughTested flashlight jump starter
LIfting the seal away from the base, I found the fool-proof cable input above a USB-A output port.  The circle and square input port will accommodate the jumper cables in a single manner only.  This safety feature allows the user to easily know which way to install the cables.  Along the sides of the USB-A port, you will find a micro USB 5V/2A charging input port and to the opposite side, a power button.  Just below the jump starter socket, ToughTested provided a bank of five LED, which illuminate and detail the remaining power of the device (low, 40%, 60%, 80%, Full).  The very well written instruction manual provided additional information about the product, the methods to jumpstart a vehicle, how to charge the device, how to charge your electronics and how to change the light mode.   To turn the light on, press down on the power button fully.  To change the mode, half press the button to enjoy the other modes (low, medium, high, strobe and SOS).

I was really impressed with the strength of the flashlight, but the inability to zoom in/out was sorely missed.  Many flashlights in similar and lower price ranges have the option to focus the beam with a screw method or a pull in/out slide.  For the price of this light, it needed an option to change the focus point.  Despite the absent feature, the light was incredible.  When I turned on the light, it conveniently started in low mode.  The method to change between the modes was not directly evident but was spelled out in the manual.  To change between the modes, you will need to half press the button.  Unfortunately, half-pressing the button did not provide a satisfying click, and I found that it turned off the light more frequently than it changed modes.  I was very pleased with the low light mode and found this to be more than adequate for walking my dog, and for general flashlight activities.  Moving into the medium and bright modes, the light was incredibly brilliant.

Jam Starter ToughTested
Out of the box, the light only had 20% power, and I had to have at least 3 LED to jump a vehicle.  I initially did not have any method to test the jump starting feature, as my car batteries were all full.  Having sat in my garage for the whole winter, my lawnmower was dead, however.  I plugged the charger device into the battery and then put the clamps on the positive and negative terminal of the Lawnmower.  The clamps are color-coded red for “+” and black for “-” and the ingenious Sparkproof device knows if you have attached the clamps correctly.  To test this, I reversed the terminals/clamps and noted that the green LED did not illuminate on the box.  Rather, a red light illuminated on the box.  When I attached them to the correct terminals, the green light illuminated and alerted me to the ready state of the jumper system.  When the clamps were installed correctly, the mower turned over without an issue and ran like a charm.  I turned off the mower and found the battery again did not have enough power to turn the mower on.  I successfully jump-started the lawnmower three times and noted that this drained 2 bars of power.

Putting the flashlight on charge, it took about three hours to charge to full.  I plugged my iPhone X into a DROK USB multimeter and charged at 1.5A output.  Starting at 56%, my phone was charged to full when I checked it 2 hours later.  The battery indicator noted 80% charge.  Assuming 80% efficiency, which is reasonable based on many device tests, the 5100 mAh battery should provide 4080 mAh of functional power.  The packaging promised 3x charge for our devices, but this is only true for certain devices.  With the Jolt, I can expect 1.5-2 charges on my iPhone X.

I was pleased with the overall size, shape and quality of the light.  I thought originally that the cables would be too short, but the ability to place the light on your hood negated the need for cables to reach very far.  The included carry bag was convenient and did a great job at holding all of the needed gear.  If you are an Apple fan, you will need to include your own Apple charger, as none was included from the company.  I wish that the battery inside of the device was closer to 10,000 mAh because I have found this to provide roughly 1/2 of an iPad charge.  As a flashlight, the device is a 5/5 with amazing light, SOS and strobe features.  As a jump starter, the device performed very well and also rates at 5/5 stars.  I would rate the ability to serve as an emergency phone charger as a 4/5 based on the lower than ideal mAh rating.  I can honestly say that the positives drastically eclipse the negatives of this device.  Consider this device for your teenagers/new drivers, for your boat owners, motorcycle riders, RVers, etc.

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