Totm+Travl is the first Smart Apple Watch Wooden Dock (up to 1 week of charge + Home automation capabilities)

Thanks to its Built-in Battery Totm+Travl provide up to ONE week of charge to Apple Watch and is able to trigger home automation scenario whenever the Apple Watch is Plugged, Unplugged or reach 100% of charged (thanks to its built-in Bluetooth chip).

Nonetheless, Totm+Travl is useful but it’s also a wonderful piece of Design. Entirely made of sustainable Oak from France, it’s a piece of technology hidden inside a simple and natural object.

  • Totm+Travl works with Home Automation platforms such as Apple HomeKit and IFTTT (more in future updates).
  • Totm+Travl is compatible with every generation and model of Apple Watch with any type of band (Apple ones and Third-party ones).

Features / Benefits:
Totm+Travl ease the life of Apple Watch users with exclusive Features.

  • Clean your Night table: Apple Watch Cable hidden inside Totm. Add Travl and there is no more Cable on your Nightstand.
  • Always Ready to go: Just take it in your travel bag and your good for the week (All in One)
  • Dynamic Range: Totm+Travl knows your charging habits and tell you EXACTLY how many time you can charge your watch with its reaming battery Level (updated every morning)
  • Proactive Notification: Totm+Travl tells you whenever you need to charge it… before it’s too late.
  • Calendar Integration: Totm+Travl is connected to your calendar and tells you if it is charged enough before you go to your 3 days trip in the forest (so you don’t have to remember to charge it… so you don’t fall short of power)
  • No “power bank Curse”: Because you use it every day and because of its exclusive features (proactive notification + calendar Integration) you won’t live the power bank curse with Totm+Travl (you know when the power bank is empty because you forgot to charge it last time you used it).
  • Home Automation: Totm+Travl is a “Magic Switch” connected to your favorite Platform (HomeKit / IFTTT). Just put your watch on it when you go to bed and it will take care of the light, security system, blinds, etc.

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