The thinnest iPhone Xs Max case around

As someone who despises using iPhone cases, I have been a pretty big fan of totallee because of how thin their cases are. They provide protection without distorting the style of the phone or adding too much bulk. The main reason I prefer to leave my phone naked is that I appreciate the aesthetic style that Apple designers put into it. I know that most people don’t share the same opinion that I do and prefer to have a protective case on their precious investment but since I keep Apple Care + on my devices, I take the chance and go without. That said, I do appreciate the excellent design and protection provided by the Totallee Thin Case.

totallee Thin iPhone XS Max Case REVIEW


The case is described as ‘ultra-thin’ and provides everyday protection against scratches and bumps. There are several colors to choose from including matte-frosted clear, matte-black, matte-solid black, matte-grey, matte-navy blue, glossy-clear, glossy-jet white, glossy-jet black, and leather-black. The case is 0.02” thin and 0.1 oz light. Camera protection is covered by the totallee case and it’s branding-free. The case supports wireless charging easily and it’s designed precisely to give your phone a slim fit case that’s the perfect fit for your protective needs.


The packaging on a totallee case is very minimal. The case comes in a thin black sleeve that appears to be made out of some sort of foil on the inside. When you open it up, there is no salvaging the rest of the sleeve because it’s not resealable. There is no information included on the sleeve except for the brand name and a little bit of company information. The name of the case isn’t even included and neither is the iPhone size. This is something I would really like to see totallee improve upon. I like the minimal package but would like to at least see a sticker included with the phone size on it.

totallee Thin iPhone XS Max Case REVIEW

The Thin iPhone Xs Max Case works in the same fashion to other totallee cases I’ve used in the past. It slips right on the phone with very little effort. The Lightning port, camera cutout, and button slits are all very well designed. They fit perfectly with the phone and unless you are really looking, you can’t even see the case on the phone. You do have to be careful when removing the case from your phone because it can actually tear around the cutouts. I’ve had this happen with a previous totallee case, but if you are careful enough, you can remove it without any damage to the case or the phone.

totallee Thin iPhone XS Max Case REVIEW

I love that there are so many color choices for this case. When I first placed the pre-order for the iPhone Xs Max, I selected the Space Gray model but quickly regretted that decision as my heart longed for the new Gold finish. Fortunately, my daughter ended up wanting the Space Gray model so we swapped. What makes the totallee case so cool is if I ever get sick of the Gold color, I can slip their case on and it completely changes the color without changing the phone’s size or form. And even though this case isn’t going to protect me from cracking my screen or denting the frame, it will keep the back of the phone scratch-free.

totallee Thin iPhone XS Max Case REVIEW


While I like how this case keeps my back of my iPhone from being scratched up, I bought my iPhone to see the new Gold color and not cover it up. I will be keeping my iPhone case-free for now but if I find myself needing to go somewhere I know I might scratch my phone, I will look to the totallee case first. Totallee is a nice case but as thin as it is you would almost call it a skin rather than a case.

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