A Minimalistic Braided Lightning Cable that will fulfill our Maximalistic needs.

As a child, I regularly left my stocking until the very end of Christmas morning.  I was excited to find little trinkets, candy, toothbrushes, gift cards, trading card packs, and all sorts of odds-and-ends.  Throughout the year, my wife and I now search for little items to fill our children’s stockings.  I truly love that we have kept this tradition alive.  Now that they are older it seems that they have become more interested in their iPad Mini’s.  This Christmas I wanted to get them a new charger, and I think that I totallee found it. 

totallee minimalistic lightning cable
The totalee Minimalistic Nylon Charging Cable arrived inside of a 4 inches wide by 7 1/8 inches long black ziplock bag.  The black bag had two small cut-outs, just inferior to the ziplock section, which did not make much sense.  If I tore the plastic at the notches, I would lose the ability to reuse the ziplock bag.  Accessing the contents of the bag did not take any effort; I thus do not know why there would be a need to have the notches.  The front of the cover displayed a white-colored, 1/16 inches wide, border frame that encompassed a section measuring 3 1/4 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches tall. I appreciate the decision to use white font upon the black background, as the information starkly contrasted against the bag.  At the bottom of the cover, the company provided the MFI logo (Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad), which meant that the product passed Apple’s standards.  The opposing side of the bag proudly displayed the totallee title. 

Inside of the bag, I found a generous black-colored, nylon-braided, 40 1/4 inches long, USB-A to Lightning cable.  The cable came with an attractive 1/2 inches wide velcro cable tie. The black inner loop of the velcro was backed with white-colored hook velcro.  The totallee title was imprinted onto the base of the hook surface of the velcro.  The cable measured 1 1/8 inches long from the tip of the lightning adapter to the braided-cable, including a 1/4 inch long junctional neck section.  At the USB-A end of the cable, there was a 1/4 inches long junctional neck section and a 1 inch long USB-A plug.  If you have used any cables, you know that they break at the junction with the USB-A, USB-micro, or Lightning prongs.  I liked that the company added a junctional neck system because it helps to reduce some of the tension on the cable when used.  To test each end, I grabbed the cable and flexed it 90 degrees forward and backward, twenty-five times each way.  Other than reducing some of the stiffness of the coiling (it came coiled up), the cable showed no signs of wear.  I repeated this with the USB-A end and then I flexed the cables another 25 times each direction side to side.  I gripped the lightning port snugly and pulled away from the cable, and I gripped the USB-A end and pulled firmly away from the cable as well. 

totallee lightning cable 1 m
I liked the cable and the choice to create a low-profile, rounded, lightning plug.  Instead of a boxy feel, like some of the cables I have tested, this cable strongly reminded me of traditional iPhone lightning cables.  I was able to transfer data onto my desktop using iTunes, and I was able to charge my iPhone and iPad without issue.  It is very easy to contrast this cable against the cheap cables that you can buy at gas stations or the check out counter of a Walmart or BestBuy.  This cable does not have a cheap slipcover over the lightning port that will slide off of the end. Unfortunately, many of the lower quality cables cannot attest to the same features.  totallee provides a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty with a simple email to hello@totalleecase.com.  They promise to return your email within two days and also state that returns are free as well.  totallee proves that cheap cost does not mean cheap quality.  Perhaps someday, totallee will provide a two-meter-long cable, for those of us interested.

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