Ultra thin phone cases provide reliable protection despite being quite fragile.

I typically stray away from keeping a phone in a case. I just feel like the phone is meant to be seen and if Apple execs can carry them around ‘naked’, then I should be able to. That said, there are a few times in recent years that accidents have happened. My phone will slip out of my pocket as I exit the car or a piece of equipment might bump up against it. No matter the reason, the case for a case tends to build more and more evidence against my desire to have a phone outside of a case. Fortunately for me, there are a lot of different styles of cases and even some — like the Ultra Thin cases from totallee — that make it feel like there is just a skin on the phone and nothing more.

totallee Jet Red iPhone Case REVIEW

For the past few weeks, I’ve been testing out a couple of cases from totallee that really make the iPhone shine. The first is the Jet Red iPhone case. This case is part of the special edition lineup of cases from totallee, which are designed to give back to a cause or charity. This remarkable case was created as an ancillary accessory for the (PRODUCT) RED campaign that Apple takes part in. The case is a striking jet red color to match the (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Just like other (PRODUCT) RED items, the Jet Red case provides 10% of sales to the United Nations Foundation and the global fight against HIV and AIDS. This case is available for either the iPhone 7 of the 7 Plus.

totallee Jet Red iPhone Case REVIEW

It’s designed just like the other ultra thin totallee cases and is only 0.02″ thin. The case is feather light and is made from polypropylene. Because it’s the ‘jet’ red there is a glossy material added to this case that really makes the color stand out and it also adds additional grip to it. The case covers the back, top, bottom, and sides, but not the screen. As a standard case for the iPhone, it will protect against scratches, nicks, and scuffs. It fits on the iPhone 7 Plus like a glove as to all the cases from totallee.

The other case I had from totallee was the Ultra Thin case in jet black. Totallee wanted me to be able to see both of these beautiful cases side-by-side. The idea behind the ‘jet’ color series was to provide those users who enjoy the glossy look an option so they don’t lose that unique flavor to their phone. The jet black case is exactly the same as the Jet Red case except for the color. It provides the same amount of protection and was made with the same materials. The cases really are striking and for those who invest in the Jet Black or (PRODUCT) RED iPhones, it’s a great way to keep the phone looking amazing while providing protection at the same time.

totallee Jet Red iPhone Case REVIEW

While I really love the ultra thin nature of the totallee cases, it does come with a price — they will break easily. Because they are so form-fitting to the phone removing the case can become hazardous and problematic for the case. I’ve tried several different ways to remove the totallee cases in the past and I have unfortunately snapped a couple of them when pulling them off the phone. This usually occurs around the button cutouts, but this time it happened at the bottom of the case near the charging port cutout. I was ultimately bummed because this happened with the Jet Red case. There is a cracked on the back of the case now where the snap occurred. I was removing the case very gently by rubbing my thumb across the bottom right-hand corner of the case. When the case started to pull away from the phone, I heard a crack and then noticed the break in the case. I’m pointing this out as a warning and not a reason to avoid the case. I really believe in the thin cases from totallee, but want others to be aware that this is a small problem to look out for. Just be careful when removing it and you should be fine.

totallee Jet Red iPhone Case REVIEW

Totallee has a wonderful product and I will continue to use their products for future iPhones. The cases help maintain a clean, classy look for your phone while providing protection.

For more information, visit totalleecase.com.
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