Total protection for the new iPhone. 

I was first introduced to Totallee a few years back when MacSources reviewed their ultra slim cases for the iPhone. Totallee has amazing cases that are perfect for users who want some protection, but don’t want to impede the natural design of the iPhone. This description fits me to a tee. I typically hate cases because I remember Steve Jobs making remarks about the iPhone 5 being designed to handle daily wear and tear without a case. That said, I am realistic at the same time and want to keep my iPhone I prime condition. So, Totallee’s cases are perfect for that purpose.


The Totallee case is designed to provide “an extra layer of protection.” They are ultra thin (0.02-0.03″ thick) and virtually weightless (0.1 oz). There is no branding or logos on the case and they most definitely work with wireless charging pads. There is a raised lip around the camera to protect the surface of the lenses and the cases are guaranteed to be a perfect fit.Totallee’s iPhone case gives users everyday protection. It helps to prevent minor scratches and dings from occurring. There are two different styles of case that are being made for the iPhone 12 models – Matte and Transparent.

MATTE: The matte cases are the definition of minimal, yet protective. The polypropylene plastic allows the case to be only 0.02” thick and weigh only 0.1oz, and adds extra grip. There are five different color options available: frosted clear, frosted black, navy, and solid black.  Each case features a raised camera bump around the rear camera, precise cutouts for all buttons, each individual speaker hole, and the charging port. 

TRANSPARENT: If you’re an iPhone purist looking for the best case to show off your iPhone 12, then the transparent clear (soft) case is exactly what you need. It’s slightly thicker than our matte cases. The ultra-clear flexible TPU case comes with protective covers over the power and volume buttons that respond extremely well to touch. This case still remains low-profile and it doesn’t look or feel like there’s a case on your iPhone. 


Totallee has improved their packaging efforts over the years. When I first encountered them, they were only available in a zippered pouch. That pouch is still included, but they also have an exterior box that they are shipped in. The pouches have a sticker on the back that indicates what size phone the case is designed for. At one point in time, Totallee had several different models of their cases, but in recent years they have culled that collection down to the simple, ultra-thin case. The two variations of Matte or Transparent are the only differentiators aside from the phone size they are designed for. That said, I do wish the color was indicated on the package as well.

The cases, as described, fit the different iPhone 12 models like a glove. I’ve described it as a ‘second skin’ in the past for an iPhone and these cases are no different. The cases hug the borders of the phone and move fluidly with the curves and straight edges on the phone. The cases do a great job of protecting against surface scratches for the phone. I also love the texture of the case. It’s smooth, but not slick. So there is just enough traction to provide you a better grip on your iPhone. While the Totallee case does have a lip to protect the surface of the camera lip, it does not have a lip for the screen of the phone. The case sits flush with the screen so a screen protector is advised for added protection of the phone even though it will sit slightly above the case.


Totallee cases are pocket-friendly, ultra-thin cases for the iPhone that still allow the user to appreciate the beauty of the device’s design rather than having it covered up. It does only provide the bare minimum protective properties that a case can provide, but for many users, that is all that will be needed. All totallee orders are covered under an incredible 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. If anything happens to your case they will send you one free replacement per product ordered at any point within 2-years of your purchase. Totallee guarantees that your iPhone 12 case will fit perfectly, or your money back. The branding-free cases come in two styles – matte or transparent – that will give you everyday protection, while keeping a low-profile. 

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