totallee Glossy Thin iPhone XS Case

8.4 totallee Glossy Thin iPhone XS Case


  • Flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Protective


  • Slick
  • Shows scratches easily

Lightweight, thin case provides sufficient protection for iPhone XS.

When the latest iPhones were released, I immediately started looking for a new case. I typically like cases that complement the natural design of the smartphone but still provide enough protection for it for daily use. A couple of years ago, I was introduced to totallee, a case designer that specializes in ultra-thin cases for mobile phones. So, I looked to them again when I got my iPhone XS to see what they had to offer. I was turned on to the Glossy Thin iPhone XS Case. 

totallee Glossy Thin iPhone XS Case REVIEW

The case comes in three different styles – Matte, Glossy, and Leather. We reviewed the leather version of this case for the iPhone XS Plus several months ago and today, I’m focusing on the Glossy style of the Thin iPhone case. The first thing I want to note is that when you visit their website, totallee doesn’t differentiate the different styles by product name – they do it by phone model. For example, all three styles for the iPhone XS are called the “Thin iPhone XS Case” and then you choose the style and color you want from that product page. It is a little confusing when you are talking about it, which is why I labeled this article “Glossy Thin iPhone XS Case”

totallee Glossy Thin iPhone XS Case REVIEW


  • Camera protection
  • Thin (0.02” or 0.03” for clear)
  • Light (0.1 oz)
  • Branding-free
  • Supports wireless charging
  • 2-year warranty

The Glossy Thin iPhone XS Case is easy to install on the iPhone. It’s smooth and flexible so it wraps around the phone like a glove. Once it’s on the phone, I feel like the phone is well-protected. Even though it’s sort of a soft-shell case, I think the fits the phone nicely. The Lightning port and speakers are exposed for easy access and the buttons (on/off and volume) can be pressed with ease. I really like the Glossy Thin iPhone XS Case better than the Leather version or the Matte version because those two styles are so thin that you could easily tear the material when you try to remove the case from the phone. The Glossy style is a bit more robust even though it’s still very thin and lightweight. 

totallee Glossy Thin iPhone XS Case REVIEW

With the Glossy Thin iPhone XS Case, there are only two color choices – clear and black. I have the clear version and think it looks great with the iPhone. The only real complaint I have about this case is that it’s really slick. It doesn’t feel like it has a lot of traction when you hold it in your hand and it can easily be dropped. There is another clear case I’m fond of from SKECH that is much more rigid but it offers more stability and doesn’t feel as slippery when it’s in your hands. The problem with that case is that it is really hard to put on your phone and take it off. If there was a combination between that case and this case from totallee, it would be perfect. 

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