Torpedo is a good short-term file sharing solution.

For quite some time, I’ve been using online file transfer service, Dropbox, to get my files from place to place. I like Dropbox because of its versatility and use of folders on your computer. Their system just makes it easy to keep files in a central, cloud-type location for access anywhere. It also makes it very easy to share files between colleagues, family members and friends. These options are great for long-term file sharing and storage, but what if you need to share something temporarily? For circumstances such as this, there is Torpedo.

Torpedo is a short-term file sharing similar to Hightail, formally known as ‘You Send It’. It allows you to share files quickly and easily. Torpedo’s service uses drag and drop technology to allow users to create ‘secret’ links that disappear after a file is downloaded so it’s not just hanging out in cyberspace.

torpedo-1The best feature of this service is that it works in tandem with its Mac App and website interface. The Mac App is a simple utility bar icon that gives you the ability to drag a file onto it and automatically copy your secret file link to your computer’s clipboard.

When you either drag a file to the icon or select ‘choose a file’ from the drop down menu, you are given the option to have the link destroyed after two days or immediately after the file has been downloaded once. The web interface is located at and only requires you to sign in with the same information you used to create your free account when you download the app. In the web interface, you can view your uploaded files, upload a new file or destroy links to file if necessary.

torpedo-2Torpedo has a free/basic service that works for most people. For the Free account, you are allowed 35MB for a file size to transfer and only 10 uploads per day. This is what most users will be able to use with little or no problems. This is best for file sharing when you cannot send a file of any size by email. Most corporate email systems have a file attachment restriction of 5MB or less. In this instance, you could use Torpedo to create your temporary link, copy the link into your email and send it to your business associates without having to worry that the file size would cause your email to bounce back.

torpedo-3If you are a ‘super’ user and send files to people multiple times per day, you may wish to upgrade to the Pro version for $3 per month or $30 per year. For this you get unlimited daily uploaded and a file size limit of 250MB. This would be helpful for graphic designers or video producers who are trying to get a proof to a client. You also receive a custom domain with the Pro service. With the Free version of Torpedo, your links have Torpedo’s domain.

I would recommend Torpedo to anyone who needs a short-term file storage solution. It works well and has great functionality between its Mac App and web interface.

Visit for more information or download the app by clicking the link below.