Sleek and comfortable with good quality sound

One of my favorite features that only certain Bluetooth headphones have is the ability to still be used without a charge.  Now it may contradict the use of Bluetooth features but I often find myself picking up a dead pair of headphones and wanting to use them right then and there.  The TOPDON TP550 doesn’t limit itself to being charged and still maintains good quality sound when using an auxiliary cable without any charge.

I want to note that the packaging for these headphones is very nice looking and allows you to lift a covering off to view the headphones in the box. Just viewing them in the box I liked the black carbon fiber design that is on the part that covers your ear.  Out of the box reveals that the headphones are not completely all black and that there are small bands of red that separate the ear cushions from the matte black plastic which makes for a great looking contrast.  The ear cup cushions seem to have a nice thickness for being comfortable without being overly bulky.  Included were an auxiliary cable to allow you to plug in your headphones to your device and a micro-USB cable for charging.

Topdon Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones REVIEW

The first thing I did was unraveled the auxiliary cord to test if these would still work without any power on.  I was thrilled that they did because some headphones lose significant quality or are rendered useless without power. I then connected them to the micro USB and left them to charge overnight.

During multiple long uses of these headphones I want to point out that quality never decreased with use and they also are nowhere close to being out of charge.  The TOPDON TP550 boast a full charge at being 18 hours and I can say that they have a longer held charge than a lot of competitors.  Connecting to Bluetooth was effortless and was done without using instructions but they were included and detailed if there were any issue.  I tested the range of these headphones and I could get the full 10-meter range without a decrease in sound quality.

Topdon Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones REVIEW

The sound quality is very good making these a pair that I will be gravitating towards using mostly for movies, Youtube, and podcasts.  For the price range that these are good competition.  However, if you are looking for a pair that boasts a lot of bass, these are not the pair.  The only fault I noticed was the low tones not being strong.  The noise canceling feature didn’t completely cancel all noise but I only noticed when I was being critical of it, and not me noticing that I could slightly still hear when just playing music.

For music playing, if you like the Indie genre, I felt they were very clear and accentuated guitar playing, but I’d shy away if you’re wanting a good hip-hop bass.

Overall the TOPDON TP550 are a good pair of Bluetooth headphones that look and feel very nice.  I think most people will find these to be suitable for their audio needs.