We are all hungry for new gadgets. Constantly. Tha pandemic has made the situation much more serious. If you, like so many of us, roam the web in search of excitement, look no more. Here’s a list of really great stuff you’d want to have this year. 

3D printer

This is a gadget that will delight anyone, regardless of their age and inclinations. And it’s not necessary to spend thousands on it. Even a cheap 3D printer will allow you to print interesting models for your house, like phone holders, different hangers, toys, anything you can imagine within a certain size. That’s the limitation when it comes to non-industrial printers. Most of the table-top printers work with various polymers and some models with metal as well. The principle of additive manufacturing allows you to create any shape you like from these materials. If you are not skilled in 3D modeling, don’t despair! There are lots of online libraries, full of downloadable models you can print.

A 3D printer is a great way to teach your kids a bit of technology, chemistry, and have fun at the same time! So don’t miss out on the chance to have this awesome device at your disposal and you will never be bored!

Cell phone booster

If you are constantly experiencing a faulty connection in your home or office, you are bound to lose time, money, and peace of mind, trying to complete work, or relax after a long day. This device will save you from the frustration and give you access to great mobile reception and internet. This is how it works in a nutshell: It uses a certain frequency (or frequencies) that the mobile operators use, gets their signal from the nearest cell tower, enhances it if it’s weak, then transmits it all around the room, or the whole house, depending on where the problematic area is. Now the frequencies we mentioned differ from country to country, but a cell phone booster by Booster Planet will work with major US operators. In any case, before choosing a signal booster for home, assess the situation carefully, and choose the right device, according to the operator you use, the area you need to be covered and the type of connection you want to be enhanced. If you are not sure what to do, contact the company to find out more details. 

Microlens add-on to the phone 

If you love taking pictures, you are going to love this lens. It will allow you to take micro shots without having professional gear. It’s both fun and educational. Plus, this is a great device for kids who are curious about things they can’t normally observe, like small spiders in the grass, or structure of leaves and plants around them, etc. It will become their favorite pastime and help you bond. 

There are different kinds of microlenses currently on the market, with various magnification capacities, depending on the manufacturer and the price. But you can definitely choose the one that suits your interests and your wallet. 

Sensorwake trio

If you are a sleepyhead, you’ll definitely appreciate this device. This is a gentle alarm clock, designed to wake you up in stages, so your brain doesn’t go into panic mode every morning. We have enough stress in our lives as it is, and it would be so nice if we could be woken up by the gentle smell of coffee, instead of the annoying sound of the alarm. This clock does exactly that, by waking you up in three stages: 1. A gentle smell (you can choose one from a selection, for example, fresh coffee, pine forest, or seaside) 2. Soothing light on the face of the clock will hint that morning’s here. 3. A nice melody will wake you up completely. Waking up abruptly disturbs your brain and sets you in a bad mood. So why do it, when you can wake up harmoniously, in stages, and prepare yourself for a big day ahead. 


If you are a fan of hiking or working in the garage, this light will be just right for you. This light gives you a 180-degree view, which an ordinary flashlight won’t. It looks like a band that goes around your forehead, so no heavy equipment necessary. This is great for outdoors, so you don’t lose your trail in the dark, and manage everything you need to do. Plus, the new version of the device is also waterproof, so you can be sure your light won’t be ruined by falling into the river!

Great devices constantly replace each other on the market, so there’s no shortage of new and exciting gadgets out there. Keep your finger on the pulse, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to try some of these out!