The ultimate sleeve for the MacBook Pro.

I’m always on the go. I constantly take my laptop with me here and there and everywhere. I sometimes forget that it needs protection in the same way that my cell phone does. I have a 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and it has a leather cover on the top, which provides some protection against scratches, but not against drops or other impacts. That’s where the tomtoc 360-degree Protection Premium Laptop Sleeve comes into play.


The tomtoc 360-degree Protection Premium Laptop Sleeve is an ‘advanced’ option for protecting your laptop. It comes in either a classic black or grey color with minimal surface design. It’s perfect for work or school use. The sleeve features CornerArmor at the bottom corners. This technology is made with rubber and protects the laptop inside like a car airbag protects passengers during an accident. Another innovative feature is the use of YKK zippers, which are equipped with a soft handle that makes it easy to grip and slide the zipper closures open. The tomtoc 360-degree Protection Premium Laptop Sleeve is made with Cordura fabric from their military level collection. It’s water repellant and resists tears and abrasions.

TomToc 360-Degree Protective Laptop Sleeve REVIEW


The sleeve is packaged in a plastic box with tomtoc’s branded includes. The box is clear so you can easily see the product inside and examine it before purchasing (if you see it on a store shelf). Right away, I was taken with this sleeve. I’m used to the sleeves that are either a single compartment that is only big enough for the laptop or a sleeve with a bulky outside pocket that is actually more like a bag. This sleeve is a two compartment accessory that is designed to work with the MacBook Pro. The main compartment is intended just for the laptop while the exterior pocket is meant for its accessories.

TomToc 360-Degree Protective Laptop Sleeve REVIEW

This, in my opinion, is the ultimate laptop sleeve for MacBook Pro users. First of all the laptop pocket is gorgeous. The lining is elegant, soft and protective for the machine. Second, it’s cut to fit the 13-inch MacBook computer like a glove — and it does. Third, it’s very easy to insert or remove the laptop from the sleeve. The cover I have on the top of the laptop does not impede the computer from being stored in this pocket. I used to keep my laptop in a plastic cover and there seems to be enough room to accommodate something of that size as well.

TomToc 360-Degree Protective Laptop Sleeve REVIEW

The outside pocket is perfect for any types of accessories. Tomtoc designers really put a lot of thought into this sleeve because there is not only enough room for the Apple power brick and charging cable for the laptop, but there is also a zippered pouch for smaller accessories and a sectioned pocket that fits the iPhone XS (my model of choice) perfectly. Until I started using this sleeve, I was carrying my laptop separately from the accessories that I consider to be ‘essential’ for its use (power brick, USB-C cable, USB-C dock, flash drive, etc.). Now, I have it all contained in this one sleeve. It’s beautiful and very easy to carry around — with or without a laptop bag.

TomToc 360-Degree Protective Laptop Sleeve REVIEW


I can’t remember a time that I was so psyched about an accessory like this for my MacBook Pro. It’s perfect in my opinion and at its price point ($37), it’s a worthy investment for any MacBook Pro user. I actually hope tomtoc comes out with a version of this sleeve for the different models of iPad. I think it’s wonderful for keeping accessories with their intended device.

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