Time management app gets updated to include Time Thieves.

About a month ago, we reviewed Tomatoes, a time management utility that shows you where you spend your time. Today, the developer of Tomatoes released an update to version 6.0, which includes a tool to help users avoid procrastination and distractions. This feature also exists as a stand-alone Mac app called Atento.

What’s New in Version 6.0

We present Time Thieves, a feature that will help you to avoid Procrastination and Distractions at Work. Because know what you’re doing it’s as important as know what you’re not doing. With this new feature, you could track all applications and websites which you interact even if it’s only for a second. Now you can delete a finished task from the Daily Activity Window, there is a new icon set that clarifies button actions, and you can skip free time from the Timer Action Menu.

This update also fixed some bugs including:

  • Now session and goal info is recovered after the application starts.
  • Reports. Tasks iterations’ label shows correct count.
  • Fix the problem that avoids counter continue after a concrete pause/restart combination
  • Rename Task. Fixed a design problem when Dark Mode is enabled

DOWNLOAD – Tomatoes Time Management – $2.99

For more information, visit tomates.desappstre.com.
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